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How To Become a Food Safety Officer In India? Know Eligibility, Roles, Skills, And Other Details Inside

Want to pursue a career as a Food safety officer? Keep reading the blog to know all the essential details!

Shivani Meena
Food Safety
Food Safety

Food Safety Officers (FSOs) are in charge of assessing food samples collected from various locations for testing. These specialists check to see whether there are any suspicious or harmful materials in the ingredients or the food product, assuring consumer safety.

Depending on the findings of the inspection, these experts may issue a warning to the product's seller, distributor, or manufacturer for the consumption of harmful ingredients or food items.

Other responsibilities include conducting random inspections in the food industry, restaurants, and hotels to ensure that all rules and safety requirements are followed during product production and to check their food products.

In India, the central or state government hires food safety officers for Group B Level Administrative posts. In general, the SPSC (State Public Service Commission) of each state conducts the SCS (State Civil Service) test to hire qualified food safety officers. The SPSCs post job openings for this role yearly.

What are the eligibility criteria for Food Safety Officer in India?

The following are the minimal prerequisites for an individual to be selected as an FSO:

Age limit: Applicants for the SCS examination must be between the ages of 18 and 50. According to government norms, the upper age restriction is relaxed for applicants who fit into a reserved group like Ex-Servicemen, PwD, OBC, ST, or SC.

Academic qualification: Applicants must have a Bachelor's (B.Tech/B.Sc.) or Master's (M.Tech/M.Sc.) degree from an approved institution or institute in a relevant field such as biochemistry/agricultural science/biotechnology/dairy technology/food technology.

Specialization: Applicants who want to be scientists should have a doctoral in a suitable discipline.

Certification: Candidates may be required to complete an FDA-approved program and get certified to show that they have the required qualifications.

Internship: Candidates should have prior work experience in the related sector. New graduates should get experience through internships in similar fields.

What are the skills needed For Food Safety Officer in India?

FSOs must be well-trained in their responsibilities since even minor mistakes on their part can have a large impact on many individuals. As a result, people seeking a position as an FSO can improve their abilities by becoming acquainted with food safety norms and regulations. The following are some of the essential abilities required for a candidate to become a food safety officer in India.

  • Attention to detail is a necessary skill since the monitoring of operating procedures and investigations must be error-free and by all rules.

  • Good communication skills will aid in informing staff members effectively and providing high-quality reports on their suggestions and results.

  • An FSO must be able to work independently and manage their time well.

  • Analytical skills are required for both training and employment.

  • Good organizational abilities are necessary for assigning tasks and prioritizing activities as needed.

What are the leading recruiting Firms and Organizations For Food Safety officers in India?

  • Department of Food Safety & Health, Government of India

  • FSSAI (Food Safety & Standards Authority of India)

  • SPSC (State Public Service Commission)

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