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Profitable Business: Earn Huge From Black Turmeric Farming, Check Cost & Profit Details

M Kanika
M Kanika
Black Turmeric
Black Turmeric

If you want to earn big through farming then you can start with Black Turmeric Farming, which will definitely provide you good income. Due to many medicinal properties of black turmeric, its price is very high. Farmers can easily earn huge profits, from Black Turmeric cultivation.

Read on to know, how black turmeric can prove to be a most profitable business, How it is cultivated & how much profit can be made through this?

Know Benefits of Black Turmeric

  • Black turmeric is most commonly used as a medicine.

  • It is also used in making cosmetics products.

  • Not only this, it is also used in witchcraft & occultism in India.

  • It is used in pneumonia, cough, fever, asthma etc.

  • It is also used to make medicine for deadly diseases like cancer.

  • Apart from this, applying black turmeric on the forehead gives relief from migraine. It is also very useful in diseases like leucoderma and epilepsy.

  • Mixing it with milk, and applying this paste on the face, brings glow.

When & How Its Farming Is Done?

  • Black turmeric is cultivated in the month of June.

  • Its cultivation is good in friable loamy soil.

  • While cultivating it, proper care should be taken that the rain water does not stagnate in the field.

  • About 2 quintals of black turmeric seeds are planted in 1 hectare.

  • Black turmeric does not require much irrigation, as its needs are met by rains.

  • There is no need to use any insecticide in its cultivation, because it does not get pests.

  • For good yield, use a good amount of cow dung before cultivation.

How Much Profit Can Be Made From Black Turmeric?

  • By cultivating black turmeric in 1 acre, we can get about 50-60 quintals of raw turmeric i.e. about 12-15 quintals of dry turmeric easily.

  • The production in black turmeric cultivation is less, but its cost is very high.

  • Black turmeric is easily sold for around Rs 500.

  • There are also farmers who have sold black turmeric for Rs 4000 a kg.

  • On E-Commerce websites like Indiamart, they are selling Black Turmeric for Rs 500 to Rs 5000, you can visit the official website of Indiamart, or you can directly buy this via: https://dir.indiamart.com/search.mp?ss=black+turmeric&prdsrc=1 

  • If your black turmeric is sold for only Rs 500, then in 15 quintals you will make a profit of Rs 7.5 lakh.

  • If you consider the cost, then the seed will be the most expensive in it.

You can avail a Mudra Loan to start this business, Or you can also apply in any bank under the Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojana

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