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Swadeshi Business Idea: Make Money from Fly Ash Brick Manufacturing Business

Sugandh Bhatnagar
Sugandh Bhatnagar
Fly Ash Bricks

India is a developing country with construction work going on in every nook & corner of every city. This creates a huge demand for bricks- a basic construction material. Now-a-days, Fly Ash Bricks are gaining popularity as they are lighter in weight & less costly than clay bricks. These bricks are also more sustainable as they are made from the ash produced in coal based power plants. In such a scenario fly ash brick manufacturing is slowly becoming big money making business in India. 

The trend of these bricks started from small towns and villages, which is now in demand across the country. If you are looking for a Swadeshi Business Idea, then Fly Ash Bricks Manufacturing is an amazing idea.  

Cost – Profit Analysis of Setting up Fly Ash Brick Manufacturing Unit: 

According to a report of the Khadi and Village Industries Commission (KVIC), the cost of starting this business is up to Rs 20 lakh. You require at least 20000 to 50000 square feet of land and 15 to 20 workers. The fly ash brick-making machine comes in various models and capacities as it can make 1000 to 10000 bricks per hour. The price of this machine ranges from Rs 10-13 lakh

You can sell around 5 lakh bricks for Rs 40 lakh. In this way, after deducting all the expenses, a profit of about Rs 4.90 lakh can be earned. 

How to finance your Business? 

You can also take a loan from the bank to start this business. You will easily get a loan under the Prime Minister's Employment Scheme. Apart from this, Mudra Loan Scheme will also help. 

Raw Material for Ash Bricks: 

Raw materials required include fly ash, water, quicklime or lime sludge, cement, aluminum powder and gypsum. In India, there are 72 % of Power plants are coal base and they produce 40 million tons of fly ash every year. The Ministry of Power has directed that power plants will always auction fly ash through a transparent bidding process. 

For this purpose, the ministry has issued an advisory on 22 September 2021. If the ash remains in the power plant even after the bidding, then you can take it for free. But remember that t it will be given on a 'first come first serve' basis. 

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