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Top 8 Agriculture Stocks For 2022

The Indian agriculture sector is expected to grow to US$24 billion by 2025, according to Inc42. This looks to be a great potential for investors. Here are several agriculture stocks to watch in India in 2022.

Chintu Das

Without a question, agriculture is one of the most important sectors of the Indian economy. According to the Ministry of Agricultural and Farmers Welfare, the agriculture industry and associated industries contributed 20.2 percent of the country's Gross Value Added in FY 2020-21 at current prices. The Indian agriculture sector is expected to grow to US$24 billion by 2025, according to Inc42. This looks to be a great potential for investors. 

Best Agriculture Stocks to buy in 2022

Check out the list of top agri stocks to invest in the New Year 2022;

Coromandel International Ltd. 

Coromandel International Ltd offers a diverse product and service range throughout the agricultural value chain. It operates in a variety of industries, including financial services, automotive components, plantations, and others. It is a division of the Murugappa Group, which offers a diverse variety of products and services under well-known brands including Shanthi Gears, BSA, Montra, and others. 

Market capitalisation as of October 29, 2021: Rs. 23,052 crore 

UPL Ltd. 

UPL Ltd. is a significant company in the business, with headquarters in Mumbai, Maharashtra. This corporation produces and distributes industrial chemicals, agrochemicals, speciality chemicals, and other chemicals. UPL has over 100 pesticides and rodenticides in its product line. Furthermore, the corporation sells its products in over 120 countries throughout the world, including Canada, Brazil, Japan, Spain, and others. 

Market capitalisation as of October 29, 2021: Rs. 56,554 crore 

PI Industries Ltd. 

PI Industries is another important participant in the sector. This corporation, which was founded in 1947, has a substantial presence in both domestic and foreign markets. In Gujarat, PI Industries has built a cutting-edge manufacturing facility. Agricultural inputs, fine chemicals, and polymers are among the company's divisions. 

Market capitalisation as of October 29, 2021: Rs. 45,514 crore 

Bayer CropScience 

Bayer CropScience was founded in 1958 and specialises in the development and marketing of agrochemicals. Fungicides, herbicides, and insecticides are examples of such products. Crop protection, bioscience, and environmental science are the three segments in which this firm operates. Its bioscience section works on plant breeding techniques as well as biotechnology strategies to increase agricultural quality. The pest control section of the environmental science division provides goods and services relating to pest management. 

Market capitalisation as of October 29, 2021: Rs. 22,418 crore. 

Sumitomo Chemical India Ltd. 

Sumitomo Chemical is a key company in the chemical sector. This business offers a well-balanced range of both formulation and technical items. A few items have backward integration. Sumitomo Chemical India sells the goods made by its parent company in India in a variety of areas. 

Animal nutrition, agrochemicals, and environmental health are examples of such divisions. This firm offers a diverse range of specialist and generic items. Its dissemination is aided by this, as well as a robust marketing network. This business has established itself in several places of the globe, including Africa. 

Market capitalisation as of October 29, 2021: Rs. 18,777 crore 

DCM Shriram Ltd. 

DCM Shriram is a conglomerate with subsidiaries in a variety of industries, including energy and agriculture. This firm manufactures a wide range of products, including fertilisers, caustic soda, calcium carbide, textiles, cement, and other materials. This company's production facilities are in Rajasthan, Gujarat, and Uttar Pradesh. 

Market capitalisation as of October 29, 2021: Rs. 15,402 crore 

Chambal Fertilisers and Chemicals Ltd. 

Chambal Fertilisers produces urea at its own manufacturing facilities. It sells a variety of fertilisers and agricultural products. Birla Textile Mills, India Steamship, and agri-inputs are the three divisions that make up this corporation. Chambal Fertilisers and Chemicals has a large marketing network that comprises over 1,600 dealers and eleven regional offices. In Morocco, the firm maintains a joint venture that produces phosphoric acid. 

Market Capitalisation as of October 29, 2021: Rs. 15,387 crore 

Godrej Agrovet Ltd. 

Godrej Agrovet Ltd. is another well-known and well-known participant in the sector. It engages in a variety of agribusiness activities that rely largely on research and development. The firm focuses on delivering innovative goods and services that help farmers increase their yield. In several divisions of its business, Godrej Agrovet enjoys a favourable market position. Processed meals, animal feed, and crop protection are examples of such segments. 

Market Capitalisation as of October 29, 2021: Rs. 11,403 crore 

Bottom Line: 

While the following list includes a handful of the industry's prominent businesses, there are many more. So, before you invest, be sure to look at the basics, previous performance, and other financial aspects. 

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