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We All Must Love & Take Care of Our Environment: Anop Bhambu

KJ Contributor
KJ Contributor
Anop Bhambu

Rajasthan: Today when trees are being cut indiscriminately and people are craving for greener.  Forests are slowly getting destroyed, in big cities and the situation is such that one has to find a place to plant trees.  In such a situation, Anop Bhambu, a resident of Jodhpur, Rajasthan, has a unique feeling of love for nature. 

Bhambu is so attached to the environment and greenery that he has decided to plant a tree wherever he finds a place to plant.  Till now, he has planted hundreds of plants of different species of shady, flowering and medicinal nature in schools, villages, temples, house to house.

Bhambu while talking to Krishi Jagran said that I have planted saplings at many places in Rajasthan villages and all of them have grown up today.  It is a pleasure to see the plants grow.

He said to take care of the plants the task of handing over the responsibility of conservation and promotion is also being done by making trees friends.  Even if you want to go somewhere as a guest, they take the plants along and by getting them planted, they inspire and make people aware of environmental protection.

Environment lover Bhambu says that Padmashree Himtaram Bhambu and environmentalist Shyam Sundar Jyani are his source of inspiration.  The work of environmental protection is being possible only because of the inspiration he gets from both of them.

One should learn to love the environment from Anop Bhambu.  Despite being a laborer, he has a unique spirit and attachment towards nature.  He waters the plants that he has planted on the roadside of his village twice a day – once in the morning and then in the evening.  Everyone appreciates his efforts towards environmental protection.  The aim of the central and state government is also to plant more and more trees. 

For this, a mass movement should be organized and citizens should also take the responsibility of maintaining them.  However, after planting trees, no one cares about their conservation.

Bhambu was awarded the International Jat Parliament Award in the year 2020.  National Teja Darshan Mahotsav has been awarded in the form of environmental forestry in the year 2021, Jodhpur Ratna in the year 2021 and environment equal in the year 2022.

Being a nature lover, he is recognized among the people as an environment lover and tree friend.


Anop Bhambu

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