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Shrimps’ number rises high in prices & exports

Monika Mondal
Monika Mondal

Seafood exporters predict that there would be price rise in the exports of seafood and shrimps. In the beginning of this year, the shrimp market witnessed some roll down in prices. 70% of the total seafood exports comprises of the shrimp produced in the ponds. In the year 2017-18 this business gave glorious returns, in which India could profit itself with 600 million dollar.

Dropping demands from America witnessed some glut in the shrimp market. The market saw a drop of 20-30%. The prices are not supposed to match the last year’s number but still exports are affirmative of better returns amid the increased demand from America.

Shrimp of the eastern coast has continued to be affected with disease which leaves white spots on the creature. This disease has not  turned out to be menace yet but has affected the production however. Anticipating the effects of the diseases farmers started to get the small sized shrimps in the market before time. Most of the farmers were from Andhra Pradesh, which contributes to 60% of this economy.

shrimp production

This situation has made the problems of farmers more grave, who were already troubled with the global falling demands. According to experts the production of shrimps would be same as that of 2017-18, which would be close to 6 lakh tonnes.

On the eastern coast, Andhra Pradesh is the chief cultivator of shrimps and on the western coast, Maharashtra and Gujarat are the two states which are performing fairly in terms of cultivation. The global disease outbreak in shrimps has been a cause of concern, but Indian waters and sea creatures were not affected by the disease.  

Due to the affected shrimp supply from China and Thailand, due to outbreak of diseases, the production in these countries is affected. In such a time, India can come up as an important shrimp exporter from Asia. Exporters are also hoping for increasing demands from Japan as well.

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