International Webinar on Biofuel and Biomass

International Webinar on Biofuel and Biomass

International Webinar on Biofuel and Biomass will be organized by Conference Mind on 26- 27 August 2021 in Virtual format. The theme of the conference is “Explore the Recent Innovations and Accelerating Advancement in Biofuel & Biomass”.

This conference will gather all the experts, students & interested peoples related from across the field who will be presenting their advanced research and challenges faced during the pandemic and their thoughts, knowledge, and opinion with the rest of us in an international global webinar.

Tracks and Key Topics:

Track 1: Biomass

Track 2: Advanced Bio-fuels

Track 3: Biomass Technologies

Track 4: Bio-energy

Track 5: Bio alcohols and Bio-ethanol

Track 6: Bio-energy Applications

Track 7: Biomass Feed Stocks for Renewable Energy Generation

Track 8: Renewable Bio-fuel and Bio-energy in the global energy transformation

Track 9: Bio-hydrogen

Track 10: Biomass Technologies

Track 11: Bio-energy Conversions

Track 12: Food vs Fuels Debate

Track 13: Bio-refineries

Track 14: Bio-diesel

Track 15: Algae Bio-fuels

Track 16: Bio-gas

Track 17: Challenges in Research on Advanced Bio-fuels

Track 18: Bio-economy

Track 19: Energy and Environment

Track 20: Advances in Renewable Chemicals

Track 21: Biomass Conversion Technologies

For Other Details, Please Contact:

Event Name: International Webinar on Biofuel and Biomass
Date: 26- 27 August 2021

Conference Mind

Mobile: +91 7735912022

Registration Link:

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