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Driverless Tractor: The Future of Smart Farming In India

Abin Joseph
Abin Joseph
Driverless Tractor
Driverless Tractor

Around 58 percent of India's population, agriculture is their primary source of income. This itself makes India as an Agricultural superpower. No other country in the world grows as many food crops and non-food crops as India does.

This is the very reason why innovation is needed in various fields related to agriculture in India. This innovation might come in the form of creation of higher yield variety seeds, grafting to create better varieties of plants etc.

And one place where the farmers need innovation more than any is in the Driverless Tractor region of agricultural technology. The advent of self-driving electric cars in the market, courtesy of tesla its high time driverless tractors were also introduced to the market.

Ever since the invention of tractors in the late 19th century, it has completely changed and modernized the agricultural industry. Now in the 21st-century tractors with artificial intelligence and smart technology are allowing for more efficient, less labor-intensive farming, and are once again revolutionizing agricultural processes.

With advanced technology and the availability of the required sensors companies, like Trimble have already manufactured automated tractors and are already selling them in the country with controllers, display screens etc.

Driverless tractors however are completely different from remote-controlled tractors as they depend solely on their own artificial intelligence to navigate the farms & complete the agricultural tasks.

This alone poses a huge risk for the farmer as every crop is something that requires a lot of effort to cultivate it’s very essential, that tractors get it right every single time. So unless, there are solid test results about the A.I driven tractors it’s better for people to steer clear from it.

However, this innovation is not something to be afraid of but one that should be lauded and encouraged as Artificial Intelligence and the internet of things (IOT) is the future of technological agriculture.

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