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Get 100% Central Government Subsidy & Special Facilities on these Agricultural Machines; Apply Here

Subsidy on Agriculture Machines: India can rightly be called as an agricultural country, as 70 % of its population is directly or indirectly dependent on agriculture. By the changing time, the concept of farming has also been changed.

Tooba Maher

Subsidy on Agriculture Machines: India can rightly be called as an agricultural country, as 70 % of its population is directly or indirectly dependent on agriculture. By the changing time, the concept of farming has also been changed. Like, in the 90s, farmers used to do farming with the help of animals, but now they do farming with the help of machines and equipment. The modern agricultural machines have made the process of farming much easier and quicker. 

Farmers can get more benefits in less time by using the advanced technology in agriculture. Interestingly, central government is also supporting farmers to use modern agriculture machines and equipment by proving them subsidy. These government subsidies on agriculture machines can help farmers to Double their income by 2022 and also fulfil our PM Narendra Modi’s objective. 

Modern agricultural equipment on rent for farmers: 

To improve the poor economic conditions of farmers, the Central Government has made 42,000 custom hiring in the country. Its aim is to provide modern agricultural equipment on rent to small and marginal farmers of the country. It is to be noted that not take a single rupee will be taken to open a custom hiring center. 

100% Government Subsidy on Farm Equipment: 

However, now the Government of India has taken a big step to solve the problem of farmers. Significantly, in some backward states, the government has decided to give a subsidy of up to 100% for taking farm-related machines. In other words, the farmer will not have to invest a single rupee from his pocket to open a custom hiring center and can double his income

What is Agricultural Mechanization Submission Scheme? 

Another step to promote mechanization in farming by the Union Agriculture Ministry is a scheme called Agricultural Mechanization Submission. Under this government scheme, the machines used for plowing, sowing, plantation, harvesting and waste management will now be easily procured. The farm mechanization submissions also provide modern agricultural machinery such as land leveler, zero till seed drill, happy seeder, mulcher, etc. It not only makes farming easy, but also increases the production and doubles the income. 

100% subsidy for agricultural equipment 

North Eastern Region farmers are given special facility by the Central Government. It has been decided that 100% financial assistance will be given to build a custom hiring center. But, the scheme which has 100% subsidy will get a maximum of Rs 1.25 lakh. So, if the farmers groups in the North-East region spend up to Rs 10 lakh to build a machine bank, then they will get 95% subsidy.

Please note: In other areas, 40% assistance will be provided to the farmers belonging to general category. While, SC, ST, women and small-marginal farmers will get subsidy at the rate of 50%. 

How to apply for CHC-Agricultural Machinery? 

If a farmer wants to apply for subsidy on agricultural implements, then first he/she can visit CSC (Common Service Center) and apply here. Now, the farmer can tell the machine of his choice to the CSC operator. After this, the CSC center operator will give the application number to the farmer. Adding to it, farmers can also apply from cyber cafes etc. For this, the farmer will have to apply by visiting the portal

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