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Mahindra Launches Its Revolutionary 6RO Paddy Walker Transplanter in Delhi

Mahindra’s 6RO Paddy Walker Transplanter is equipped with a powerful and efficient engine and cutting-edge precision technologies to optimise paddy farming efficiency.

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Mahindra Launches Its Revolutionary 6RO Paddy Walker Transplanter in Delhi
Mahindra Launches Its Revolutionary 6RO Paddy Walker Transplanter in Delhi

Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd.’s Farm Equipment Sector (FES), part of the Mahindra Group, and the world’s largest tractor manufacturer by volume, has launched a new 6-row paddy transplanter called the Mahindra 6RO Paddy Walker in Delhi. Following the successful introduction of the 4RO walk-behind transplanter (MP461) and 4RO ride-on (PLANTING MASTER PADDY 4RO) in Delhi, the new Mahindra 6RO Paddy Walker will boost Mahindra’s presence in the rice transplanting technology space, where the company already enjoys market leadership.

With paddy as a key crop, Delhi is renowned for its world-class rice and as an early adopter of rice mechanisation technologies, with high-quality rice grown in several parts of the state. The new solution enables water preservation, and lower environmental impact, including lower labour cost compared to otherwise labour-intensive techniques, while also improving overall profitability related to rice farming.

The new Mahindra 6RO Paddy Walker provides for excellent operator efficiency and is engineered for precision and efficient transplanting, setting new benchmarks in paddy farming. Manually operated, the new transplanter is compact in design and is easy to manoeuvre in confined spaces, for uniform transplanting simultaneously in six rows, in a single pass.

With a focus on power, reliability and performance, the new paddy transplanter boasts a highly durable gearbox and powerful engine with a capacity of 4 litres. This guarantees higher output and lower fuel consumption, maximising productivity in paddy cultivation, as well as extended service intervals.

With a 2-year payback period and a minimum operating area of just 200 acres, the new rice planter offers excellent prospects for rental businesses as well. Available through Mahindra’s extensive farm machinery dealer network, Delhi farmers can also avail of prompt doorstep service that can be monitored via a new user-friend app called ‘Mahindra Saathi,’ ensuring quick and easy services on the go.

The new Mahindra 6RO Paddy Walker, as well as Mahindra’s entire range of rice transplanters, will also be offered with best-in-class financing options from Mahindra Finance and Sriram Finance. 

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