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STIHL’s Agriculture Tools are Here to Bring Revolution in Farming Techniques

In today’s world, it is impossible to carry out any farming-related operations like ploughing, sowing, irrigation, harvesting, threshing, and storage without modern agricultural tools. Read this article to know about STIHL's agriculture implements.

Shigraf Zahbi
STIHL's Agriculture Tools
STIHL's Agriculture Tools

Farming is a labour intensive occupation. As a result, farmers have to work very hard or hire labourers to help them in their daily agricultural activities. Sometimes, farmers cannot afford hiring a workforce, and other times, there is a shortage of labour, as it was during the pandemic. This has become an obstacle in their path to higher yields and bigger profits. 

Today, many companies are manufacturing farming tools and equipment and STIHL is one of them.  The company brings to you equipments (made with German technology) that you can trust and which will help you reduce cost and maximize earnings. It ensures that you get the very best equipments which meet international standards. 

STIHL’s Farming Equipments are Strong and Long-Lasting 

The farming equipments manufactured by STIHL are light-weight compared to those manufactured by other companies. They are easy to handle and operating them is convenient and simple. Although these equipments weigh very less, they are strong and safe.  

STIHL’s Farming Equipments are here to Bring Change! 

It is to be noted that the aim of STIHL’s equipments is to make farming easier for farmers across India. The company is making rapid progress in this direction and it is not only bringing change in the lives of the farmers but is also taking the agricultural sector in the country to new heights.  

STIHL’s Farming Equipments 

STIHL manufacturers a range of products that includes brush cutter, earth auger, power tiller, power weeder, portable sprayer and water pump. These equipments are easily available to farmers in almost every Indian state. Let us deep dive into particular details about these revolutionary products:  

STIHL's Earth Auger
STIHL's Earth Auger

Earth Auger 

STIHL Company’s farming equipment, earth auger, is also known as “compact power pack one man machine.” It can drill holes 300 mm wide and 2.5 feet deep into the earth. Earth auger is mostly used to plant papaya, banana, and mango saplings.  

STIHL's Power Weeder 710
STIHL's Power Weeder 710

Power Weeder 710

STIHL’s power tiller or weeder is one of the most popular, ultra-modern farming equipments available in India. The equipment comes with a wet type air filter and provisions for vertical height handle adjustment and sideways handle adjustment. It has a front lifting handle and transportation wheels. It has a large working width and high depth.

Power tiller helps in soil cultivation, turning of the soil, weeding, aerating, and making rows for plantation. STIHL’s 7 HP power tiller is a multi power tiller which can be connected to water pump, fountain, sprayer et cetera. It can be used by small and marginal farmers as well.  

STIHL's Power Weeder 230
STIHL's Power Weeder 230

Power Weeder 230

Power weeder is not only capable of performing well in various situations but is also very comfortable to grip. Not only can farmers spray their fields, it can also be carried conveniently from one place to another. STIHL’s power weeder MH 710 can be used for grain, wheat, and sugarcane farming. It is also used for ploughing. On the other hand, power weeder BC 230 is used for removing weeds from the fields of aubergine, tomato, and cauliflower.  

Water Pump 

The noteworthy thing about STIHL’s water pump is that it can give off 250 liters of water per minute. Apart from that, it is also very long lasting and elastic. STIHL’s 2 HP water pump can carry water to a distance of 8 to 28 meters. 

STIHL's Portable Sprayer
STIHL's Portable Sprayer

Portable Sprayer 

The amazing thing about STIHL's portable sprayer is that it can cover 2,800 square meters of area without being moved. The equipment has 25-30 feet of vertical reach has a delivery hose which is 50 meters in length. It is so efficient that it can even reach isolated plants.  

STIHL's Brush Cutter
STIHL's Brush Cutter

STIHL’s brush cutter is like a boon to farmers. It is time-effective and very easy to operate. Moreover, it is a low-maintenance equipment. Its trusted German technology gives you best performance and the servicing centers near you further add to your convenience.

So why delay? If you want to make your agricultural practices better by STIHL Company’s farming equipments, contact us today:  

Website: www. stihl.in 

Email: info@ stihl.in 

Phone number: 9028411222 

About STIHL 

STIHL Company, with its center in Germany, has been devotedly working for farmers since 90 years. It is a leading manufacturer of farming equipments, both, nationally and internationally. Everywhere, it is taking the agricultural sector to new heights with its novel and innovative solutions. 

Presently, STIHL Company is manufacturing farming equipments in 7 countries. It has its own marketing and sales centers in 41 countries. Other than this, the company has an operational network of 54,000 servicing dealers in more than 160 countries. The role of this network is to make farmers aware about new farming equipments and agricultural technologies.  

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