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Why's and How's of Poultry Farming and Incubators

Amit Bhatt
Amit Bhatt
Aditya Subhash Andhale - Owner and Trainer

Aditya Subhash Andhale's major work is with poultry and he recently released his video on FTB. Aditya hails from Pratappur village which is located in Sangamner Tehsil of Ahmadnagar district of Maharashtra.

Along with farming, he started poultry and hatching business.  The cost of buying chicks in poultry is very high. As a solution to this, Aditya made his own egg hatching machine.  This greatly benefited him and saved a lot of expenses in poultry and got him better income. Chicks are available at RS. 30 per piece. He provides guidance in terms of how much you need to invest and what you need to invest in. Aditya is a young agri-entrepreneur and he always says that the farmers will be financially independent when they try something new along with farming.

They provide incubators which operate semi-automatically or automatically and have room for up to 1,000 chicks at a time. Your short-term investments will give benefits over long term. Our incubators are well designed and give good output over long periods. They also provide rotating trays which are good for incubation. You must vaccinate your birds to protect against disease. Some of the customers find it expensive but it is a good practice.

Incubator - open and closed

It's important to learn new techniques. Lockdown has adversely affected most of the businessmen around here. He suggested that they can work in poultry as new businessmen with new techniques. Rates of the birds grow with their size. You will be paid as per the weight of your bird. You can purchase hatching machine for Rs. 2,800. 

You will have to work on maintenance and how well the machine works depends on how you maintain your machine. Before selling a machine he always tests it to make sure that it gives good results. He gives yearlong warranties and guarantees on what he sells. The result of his hatching machine is  85 to 90 percent. Aditya also provides free maintenance throughout the year and he gives tutorials on how to use your incubators.

Sai Poultry Farm

You must take your business seriously and commit to it. He talks with, all of his experience in poultry business, that as soon as hatching takes place he knows how to look after the chicks. He knows how to treat the chicks on their first day and in the weeks thereafter. You must treat your chicks with Tetracycline, which is dissolved in feed water and served to chicks for four days. He continued and explained how you need to feed and treat your birds, over first few weeks of their growth. Looking after the birds will make sure your birds grow well, without disease and death and hence you will make profit rather than loss.

He always gives his birds diet  rich in calcium and protein. He grows a batch of chickens  together and sells them at one time sale. These well raised chickens earn him Rupees 160, 170 or 180  per Kg of their weight. He gives paid guidance to the farmers about poultry. He gives all the information like vaccination, diet planning and shed planning for poultry. To see the video yourself click here.

Aditya Subhash Andhale

Aditya Subhash Andhale

Ahmednagar, Maharashtra

Om Sai Poultry & Incubators

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