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10 Reasons You Should Never Throw Away These Vegetable and Fruit Peels

Abha Toppo
Abha Toppo
vegetable peels

If you have been throwing fruit and vegetable peels in the bin then stop doing it now because there are several ways in which you can use these kitchen wastes. So let’s reduce our food waste and start enjoying new uses of these kitchen scraps. Fruit and vegetable peels often contain more nutrients than the part we usually eat, so why not harness that goodness, whether on the skin, hair or elsewhere.

Ways to Use Vegetable and Fruit Peels

Use potato peels to lighten dark circles

Potatoes contain vitamin C and enzymes, which are both great for delicate skin around the eyes. Enzyme catecholase present in potatoes is well known to lighten the skin tone. It will also help you get rid of wrinkles and dark circles.

Make orange peel tea

Orange peel is very useful, so why not drink its benefits? It is also very delicious in taste. Simply dry out the orange peel, add several pieces in a pot of hot water & leave it for an hour or so.

Polish shoes with banana peel

Though it sounds a little funny, but it actually works. If your regular shoe polish is over and you find your shoes very dirty then just try banana peels. All you need to do is gently rub your shoes with the inner side of banana peel. Do this for 2 minutes and see the result.

Get rid of ants with cucumber peel

Ants hate cucumber peel and they try to avoid it at all costs, so if you have ants problem in your house then just put generous strips of cucumber peel along their entry point. You won't need any other toxic & expensive chemicals to get rid of ants. The result will be better if the cucumber is more bitter.

Boost smoothies with apple peel

If you are looking to add some more fiber to your diet then go for apple peels. The next time you prepare an apple pie or tart, save the peels in a freezer bag. Use them when you are in a mood for a morning smoothie. Just put the apple peels in and blend until smooth for a little extra boost of fiber.

Make dishes sparkle with lemon pulp

Lemon not only works as a degreaser, but the citric acid present in it also helps in removing stains and spots from dishes. All you need to do is put lemon peel with the pulp into your dish water to remove grease & make glasses and silverware shine.

Use peach peel as face scrub

Save peach peels and put some sugar to the inside of the skin. Scrub your face gently with the peach peel to make you feel revitalized & keep your skin hydrated.

Add carrot peels in smoothies or cake

You can enhance the flavour and taste of your simple smoothie or cake by adding some carrot peels in it. Carrot peels is also used as vegetable and sweet dish.

Avocado peels for hairs

You can use the leftover avocado peel or skin for your hairs.  Avocado peel will make your hairs shiny and healthy. In addition, dried avocado peel can be utilized to make a nutritious tea.

Make stock with mixed vegetable peel

To make stock, simply collect vegetable peels, stalks, roots, ends & leaves. After washing chop them roughly and boil in water for at least one hour. Keep the vegetable stock in freezer.

Use fruits & vegetables peels as compost

One of best ways to utilize fruit and veggie peels is for composting.  These food waste can add nutrients to the soil. All you need to do is do a little research as to how to make compost at home.

Hope the article was useful to you. If you have anything to add to this then do write in the comment box given below.

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