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5 Simple Home Remedies To Detox & Refuel Your Body After Holi

Chintu Das
Chintu Das
Holi Festival

It's just about enjoying a nice time during Holi. We chew, drink, and play with colors and water, encouraging the kid in us to come out. The issue is that most of us have to go to work the following day, and despite our bodies' protests, we pull ourselves through the whole week stressed and sore. It doesn't have to be that way; we can re-energize our bodies and spirits after the high-octane festival by adopting a few basic diet tips.

First and foremost, please recognize that our bodies have a fantastic, effective detoxification system. All it requires is our conscious assistance in order for its numerous systems to run smoothly. To do so, bear the following in mind.

Dietary Guidelines for Detoxing After Holi:

Drink lots of water:

Drink plenty of non-alcoholic, non-sugary fluids to stay hydrated. We normally drink beer or sweet drinks at festivals, all of which dehydrate us by causing frequent urination. Electrolytes are destroyed when moving urine, which is a significant source of fatigue. The perfect hydration substance for the body is pure water. Salty drinks will also help you heal quicker by replenishing electrolytes that have been depleted. New lemon water with a pinch of salt, fresh coconut water, plain broth, and kanji are all good options for easing hangover symptoms. Fluids also aid in flushing out metabolic end products that may have formed as a result of the binge eating.

Consume daily, nutritious, home-cooked meals:

Not only the beers, but also the fried, spicy snacks served at Holi celebrations, have a propensity to upset the stomach. Eating fresh, light food helps to stabilize your system while still supplying you with the nutrients the body needs. Quick servings with healthy seasonal fruits, vegetables, dals with limited tadka; khichri, as well as a light pulao with spices like jeera and ajwain, are also good options for reducing gas and bloating. These meals will provide the body with the energy it requires to begin anew.

Nourish the stomach:

Our gut wellbeing is the first aspect that determines our mood and sense of well-being. If our digestion isn't functioning well, we can feel depressed because our bodies are unable to consume nutrients or because of symptoms such as gas, bloating, and loose bowel movements. Heaps of soft fibers from fresh fruit, green veggies, and whole grains tone up our stools and help us walk more quickly. Fibers also aid in the growth of beneficial bacteria. In general, they are prebiotic. Dahi, or curd, is another excellent food for refilling our bacteria; as a strong probiotic, curd assists in the re-establishment of the gut flora. Carrot kanji is a drink that includes both pre and probiotics as well as electrolytes.


Workout your muscles to make the heart pump harder and bring more energy, oxygen, and nutrients to your tissues. Muscle cramps and fatigue can be relieved with exercise. Exercise also triggers the secretion of 'positive hormone' and endorphin, which will help you get through the festival breaks. A simple stroll, breathing exercises, warm-ups, and stretching are all sufficient to get you started. Build it up gradually to do it five times a week. It will also assist you in being well prepared for the next round of festivities.

Take a break:

Snooze, snooze, snooze. A good night's sleep is the only thing that rejuvenates the whole organism. Quality is preferable to quantities. The sleep cycle is linked to light and darkness, according to science. The suprachiasmatic nucleus (SCN) of the brain is stimulated by light, which puts our bodies in day mode and controls the melatonin hormone, which begins to release when night falls. Find a quiet dark, secluded spot to sleep in. A glass of hot milk contains tryptophan, which stimulates the development of melatonin and serotonin, two sleep-inducing hormones. You might even try listening to soft music, chanting, or meditating to relax the mind.

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