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8 Most Common Monsoon Diseases And Tips to Prevent Them

Pronami Chetia
Pronami Chetia

Monsoon finally comes to our door after lots of sweating and hurdles of scorching summer.  People finally take a sigh of relief and start enjoying their favorite season of the year. It comes with raindrops, samosas, lots of happiness but unfortunately with plenty of diseases with it. “Monsoon Season” is also known as the season of the flu, and so it’s the time to implement “Prevention is better than cure” into real action.

There are many diseases that are waiting for us in this season. Some of them are easily preventable with precautions and awareness while the other requires proper medical attention or it may lead to serious problems. In this article we have listed out the most common diseases during the season along with their precautions. 

Follow it to enjoy your favorite monsoon season without any hindrance.

Cold And Flu 

This is the most common form of viral infections. Fever, cold and cough are some common symptoms. The fluctuating temperature of the rainy season makes your body prone to bacteria and virus.  


Hence to protect the body, one should consume highly nutritious food to strengthen the immunity. Through this, the body can fight against the germs. 


Monsoon and malaria are quite connected to each other. When rain, water remains clogged, it helps the mosquitoes breeding process.  


By keeping clogged areas clean, the spread of malaria can be prevented. 

Viral Fever 

Viral fever is a common disease that can happen throughout the year but is most likely during monsoons. Severe fever, cold and cough are some common symptoms. This may last from 3-7 days. However, it is always good to consult your doctor before diagnosing anything. 


It’s always a good idea to stick to your homemade food and clean drinking water. Exposure to virus and bacteria leads to this disease. So maintaining proper hygiene with proper foods and lifestyle is the only key to keep this disease far away.  


It is the most common and dangerous disease of the season which may be dangerous if not treated properly. It’s a condition caused by the bite of tiger mosquito. Dengue symptoms are high fever, low blood platelet count, rashes, hypersensitivity amongst other things. This disease leads to drastically decrease the blood platelet count which may lead to the death of the patient. 

Natural remedy  

Papaya leaf juice works as a medicine to this disease. It’s well-known to increase the platelet count and is also enriched with anti-malarial properties, making it the best home remedy to fight against dengue fever and other illnesses. 


Using mosquito repellents and insect repellent plants like citronella is a good idea to prevent this mosquito from entering your work station or home. Wearing clothes that cover your entire body will also be useful. 

Hepatitis A

The main reason is the contaminated foods and water which mainly affects the liver. Some common Hepatitis symptoms are fever, vomiting, rash, etc. 


Maintain proper hygiene on water and foods can cover the risk of this disease. 


Consumption of unhygienic foods and water are the main cause of this widespread bowel disease. Diarrhea is a highly preventable and treatable disease if you are careful. There are two types of diarrhea, acute and chronic, both of which can be dealt with. 


Drinking boiled water and sticking home food is the best way to prevent this disease. 

Stomach infections  

The most common stomach infections this weather are Vomiting, diarrhea and stomach pain. This is popularly caused by consuming poorly handled food and liquid products. Gastroenteritis is another common stomach infection caused during this time.  


It is advised to have boiled water, have home cooked food and drinking enough healthy liquids. 


Another monsoon disease caused due to the consumption of contaminated food and water. Poor hygiene and sanitation is the main cause of cholera. Diarrhea accompanied by lose motions is the most common symptom of this monsoon disease. 


Proper healthy foods and pure drinking water can save you from this disease. Maintaining proper hygiene is the only key to keep diseases far away.

Stay Away from these diseases & Enjoy Monsoon

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