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Break the Myths & Know Your Favourite Beverage More Closely this Coffee Day 2020

Sangeeta Soni
Sangeeta Soni

International Coffee day is celebrated on October 1 to embrace the worldwide love for coffee. Also to give importance and support to those farmers whose livelihood depends on coffee plantation. Most of the people’s day start with brewed drink prepared from roasted coffee beans.

But, there are many myths and facts about coffee which you must know….

Myths about Coffee

1. Coffee is Unhealthy- Moderate consumption of black coffee is fairly healthy for adults. In fact, some researches show that coffee can prevent certain chronic diseases like Parkinson’s disease, type-2 diabetes, and liver diseases. People with high blood pressure, children, and people susceptible to coffee must not drink it.

2. Coffee helps in losing weight- Coffee can help you in eating less by decreasing the appetite, but it can’t exactly help in losing weight. Coffee can support in short term metabolism increase but not long term weight loss.

3. Coffee can harm Pregnant women- Drinking coffee in limited amounts during pregnancy doesn’t cause any harm. But still, pregnant women must consult doctor once before drinking coffee during pregnancy.

4. Boiling water for Coffee grounds- After going beyond 200-degree Fahrenheit, coffee grounds can start releasing some bitter oils and can burn the coffee. So, taste of the coffee won’t be that good, it will become more bitter and burnt.

5. Coffee can cause Dehydration- It’s not exactly true. Moderate amount of coffee consumption doesn’t cause any dehydration. But, yes overconsumption of caffeine can cause dehydration.

Facts about Coffee

1. It is believed that coffee was discovered by a goat herder, when he noticed that goats became more energetic after eating some berries, and those berries were coffee beans.

2. Regular consumption of coffee in moderate amounts can reduce the risk of certain diseases like Heart diseases, Cancer, Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’sdisease.

3. All over the world, people consume over 2.25 billion cups of coffee in a day.

4. Best time to drink coffee is between 9:30 to 11:30 am, at that time coffee is most effective.

5. It is popular belief that light roast and dark roast coffee have different amounts of caffeine, but contrary to this belief, both have the same amount of caffeine.

6. Coffee can help you focus by impacting central nervous system, and help the brain by creating more dopamine, that boosts the ability to focus.

You must be amazed by reading all this, and understanding your coffee more closely.

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Happy International Coffee Day…!!

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