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Breast Cancer: Early Detection, Best Protection and Home Remedies

KJ Staff
KJ Staff

Breast cancer is one of the most common cancers in women. This cancer also occurs in men but just 2% - 4% only. Breast cancer is one of the most neglected cancers because women don't find its symptoms to be dreadful. In this cancer cells are formed in the tissues of the breast and uncontrolled growth of cells in any part of the body is the major cause of cancer. These cells get divided as per the requirement of the body, but when it grows continuously it takes the form of cancer. This cancer can spread to surrounding tissues and the entire body. The constant growth in cells collects and takes the form of lumps, which are called cancerous tumors. 

Causes of breast cancer 

  • The leading cause of breast cancer is the changing life style.

  • This cancer arises due to stale food, eating more meat, fish, eggs and smoking bidi-cigarette. 

  • Sleeping on crooked bed also leads to breast cancer. 

  • There is a possibility of this cancer if obstruction and injury in milk duct.

Symptoms of breast cancer 

  • Feeling changes in breast size.

  • Feeling of lumps on the underside of the breast or arm.

  • Breast Tenderness. 

  • Sticky substance is secreted.

  • Breast swelling and pain on breast or nipple.

  • Nipples sinking in.

  • Bloody discharge from the nipple.

  • Redness in breast skin or nipple.

  • Lumps near the nipple in the breast.

  • Swell of lymphnode in the armpit.

  • A change in the thickness of the nipples.

  • Bone pain.

1.Measures to prevent breast cancer: 

  • One of the important method to prevent breast cancer is to so exercises and yoga regularly.

  • Avoid excessive consumption of red meat and salt.

  • Avoid the effects of the sun's strong rays.

  • Avoid smoking and consuming drugs.

  • Consult Physician before taking continuous birth control pills.

Home remedies to get rid of breast cancer: 

1) Regularly consuming black tea to protect yourself from breast cancer. 

2) To prevent the chances of breast cancer start consuming grapes or pomegranate juice and garlic daily. 

3) Grind the leaves of poi and make a mass and apply it and cover it well with the leaves and tie bandage. 

4) Boil green tea in half glass of water and then drink. 

5) Wheatgrass is also a very effective way to prevent the growth of cancer cells. 

Things to Avoid if you have breast cancer: 

1) She should not do more hand-shaking movements. 

2) Milk, cheese, fruits and their juices, milk, peanuts, wheat porridge, green vegetables etc. should be consumed in the diet. 

3) The patient should stop consuming tea, coffee, cigarettes, alcohol. 

4) The patient should avoid urad, beans, lentils, eggs, meat etc. should be avoided. 

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