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Check out the Most Prominent Clove Varieties in India & Its Amazing Health Benefits

Chintu Das
Chintu Das

Clove which also known as the beloved spice among Indians, is a tanish, dried bloom bud found in the lustrous clove tree. Commonly called by many names such as laung, lavinga, lavang etc. is known for its sharp flavor and impactful smell. Cloves creates an undeniable taste to the flavorful recipes, while their fundamental oil is renowned among the medication professionals to treat certain diseases. Scientific name for cloves is “Syzygium aromaticum”.

Clove growth in India:

Clove develops on the sloping plots of the Nilgiris, Kanyakumari, Nagercoil, Tirunelveli locale of Tamilnadu, South Kanara region of Karnataka, and Kollam, Kottayam, Kozhikode, and Thiruvananthapuram regions of Kerala. The good conditions for clove development are locales with a warm damp heat and humidity, aside from the beach front territories with sandy belts.

Most prominent laung (clove) varieties in India:

There is no particular cultivar or an assortment of clove characterized in India, yet in the market setting, its cultivars are recognized dependent on the local areas of their development. Let’s go through the most prominent Clove Varieties found in India.

- Amboyan:

Amboyan cultivar delivers huge sized and pudgy cloves most like the Penang variety. These piquant and fragrant cloves are well known for its uses in the Indian flavorful recipes, toothpaste, makeup and cosmetics, and pomanders. One thing to consider is this clove assortment has marginally low profitability and productivity when contrasted with Zanzibar and they're likewise not entirely versatile.

- Penang:

Penang cloves are big sized and have a dim red-earthy colored tone. They're economically sent out everywhere on the east, however the interest is high all over the globe. This hot clove has uses in aromatic pomanders and culinary, both.

- Zanzibar:

Zanzibar clove is more modest and more slender when contrasted with the Penang cloves and has a dark earthy colored tone. This excellent clove functions as a delightful zest in flavorful and sauteed dishes. It's mainstream among the cultivators in light of its high profitability rate and better versatility.


- The zest is utilized to deliver particular sharp flavor to the exquisite dishes and making pomander.

- Cloves are valuable in diminishing toothache or sore gum torment.

- Cloves are likewise useful in nasal and respiratory contaminations.

- Helps in absorption and treating stomach ulcers.

- The basic oil of cloves has been utilized in dental crises and fragrance based treatment by people experts.

- Cloves are acclaimed in the beautifiers, toothpaste, and cigarette businesses.

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