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Common Problems You Could Face in Summer Season

KJ Staff
KJ Staff

Many people enjoy summer season as we get to eat mangoes, watermelon, ice cream etc but this season also brings a bunch of health problems with it. Summer season affects our immune system due to heat and humidity. During this period people are more vulnerable to digestive, skin, seasonal flu and infection problems. Every year many people in India due to severe heat waves. So, preparation should be done in advance for the summers. 

Some of the problems faced in summers are:-  

One of the common problem faced by people in this season is watery eyes, burning sensation, Nose and throat allergies.

In this season the number of mosquitoes and flies increases greatly and their bites give rise to diseases like malaria, diarrhea.

Some of the people face digestive problems in this season.

It is also common to have a headache in the summer, breathing through the mouth instead of the nose, ear closure, sore throat, and poor sleep.

Heatstroke is one of the major problems faced by many people in summers.

Sunburns are also quite common in summers. We can recognize sunburns when skin becomes red, swollen patches due to excessive exposure to ultraviolet rays from the sun.

Rashes and foot infections.

Some common home remedies 

How to Avoid Heat Stroke:  

The first important thing is what type of clothes you should wear during summers. You should wear those clothes which are light in weight and not very tight so that there’s enough air circulation. 

Keep yourself hydrated, intake a large number of fluids during the summers which will allow it to maintain normal body temperature.

Some of the fruits like plums, coriander, mint leaf and aloe vera juice help in the prevention of heatstroke. 

How to Avoid Dehydration:  

The best method to treat dehydration is to drink plenty of water and fluids.

For adults, doctors recommend drinking 2 liters of water every day.

To prevent dehydration you should drink fluids like onion juice, buttermilk, and coconut water.

How to Avoid Sunburn:  

You can avoid Sunburns by applying sunscreens or sunblocks cream which is available in the market .

Apply these sunscreens cream 15 to 30 minutes before exposure to the sun.

You can use milk cream to cure sunburns.

You can apply aloe vera on your face.

How to avoid Rashes  

Take bath regularly.

Wear clean, open, light and airy clothes. 

Avoid wearing tight and such clothes that have color. 

There should be no soap left in clothes when you wash them

Take itching medicine if it itches more.

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