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Eat Healthy: 6 Regular Calcium Rich Foods that Contain More Nutrition than A Regular Glass of Milk

Chintu Das
Chintu Das

With regards to a calcium rich eating regimen, the main thing that springs up in our brain is a glass loaded with milk. Indeed, there are a few other food things which give substantially more calcium than your typical glass of milk. An ordinary glass of milk (250 ml) contains generally around 300 mg of calcium. Here are some foods, which will give you a greater portion of calcium than milk.

- Dried Figs:

Dried figs make ideal augmentations to your bowl of oats. Or simply drench them for a night and eat the following morning. 1 ½ cup of dried figs will contain around 320 milligram of calcium. While giving a high portion of calcium to your body, they are additionally stacked with several antioxidants. Ensure you burn-through them with some restraint as figs are high on calories too.

- Almonds:

Besides boosting general wellbeing and giving energy, almonds are likewise a great provider of calcium. Three quarters of a cup of almonds will provide you with around 320 milligram of calcium. You can take a couple of almonds and keep them overnight in water and devour them in the morning. Don't forget to remove the skin and enjoy the real deliciousness of it.

- Chia Seeds:

Every dose of 100 grams of chia seeds contain 631 milligram of calcium. Compared to a glass of milk, around three tablespoons of chia seeds will have more calcium. To make them more delicious, try roasting them with a touch of salt.

- Green Vegetables:

Green veggies are broadly accessible throughout the season and will help in fortifying your bones by giving an appropriate portion of calcium. Spinach, cabbage, lettuce, methi etc. are some of the stunning veggies that you should add to your eating routine. There are many approaches to add these calcium rich veggies in your eating regimen like aloo methi sabzi, salad etc.

- Salmon:

In the event that you are a connoisseur of non vegetarian food, particularly fish, salmon is there to provide you with a decent portion of calcium. Per serving of salmon may add up to around 340 milligram of calcium. It probably won't be feasible to incorporate salmon for your every day diet, however you can eat it now and then to get your body's calcium levels up.


Otherwise called chole in local language, chickpeas are an extraordinary wellspring of calcium and protein. 1½ cup of chickpeas contains around 315 milligram of calcium. You can savor them as chole bhature, chaat and as soup as well.

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