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Try this simple Mushroom soup and get your daily dose of vitamins and antioxidants

Chintu Das
Chintu Das

Capitalize on mushrooms with this healthy and delicious recipe of mushroom soup made with ingredients such as cream, garlic and onions. Serve as a starter with dried and crusty bread or for lunch. 

The preparation time for the recipe will be around 25 minutes and the recipe is very easy to prepare.

Each of the serving will contain the following nutrition elements:

- Kcal : 309

- Fat : 22 g

- Saturates : 14 g

- Carbs : 14 g

- Sugars : 5 g

- Fibre : 3 g

- Protein : 11 g

- Salt : 1.8 g

Ingredients List:

- Butter : 90 g

- Onions : roughly chopped 2 medium sized onions

- Garlic : crushed 1 garlic clove

- Mushrooms: finely chopped 500 g mushrooms

- Flour : 2 tbsp plain flour

- Chicken Stock : 1 L chicken stock

- Bay Leaf : I pc bay leaf

- Cream : 4 tbsp single cream

- Parsley : roughly chopped handful parsley leaf

Preparation Process:

1. Heat your large sized pan and put butter into it. Cook the chopped onions and garlic until it becomes soft and make sure that it does not turn brown in colour. It can take up to 8 to 10 minutes of cooking time.

2. Once the first step is complete, add the mushrooms into the pan and cook it over a high flame for at least 3 minutes until the mushrooms become soft. Then sprinkle the flour over and stir the same to combine all the ingredients. Once all the ingredients are mixed, pour the chicken stock over the mixture. Let everything boil and add bay leaves over it and let it simmer for another 10 minutes.

3. Remove the bay leaves out of the mixture and discard it. Thereafter remove the mixture from the heat and blitz utilizing a hand blender until everything becomes smooth. Delicately warm the soup and mix through the cream. You could freeze the soup at this stage and essentially mix through the cream when warming. Spread over the parsley, on the off chance that you like, and serve.

This recipe goes well with:

- Broccoli soup with firm crispy garnishes and cheddar

- Simple white bread

- Soda bread

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