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Eight Super Delicious and Easy to Make Millet Recipes for Breakfast

Abha Toppo
Abha Toppo

In the last few years, there has been a drastic change in the food choices of people. More and more people are preferring nutrient-rich foods such as cereals, grains, seeds & superfoods. Here millets have stood the test of time & have long been favored for numerous health benefits. Millet is actually a traditional grain, very popular in the Indian subcontinent where it has been grown and consumed for the last 5000 years. The main reason behind such a huge popularity of millet is that it requires low amount of water & fertility as compared to other cereals or grains.

Popularly cultivated in Africa & Southeast Asia, pearl millet or bajra is the most common millet out of the whole lot. India is one of the top producers of millet, with 36% of the world total produced in the country.

Here are Some Millet Recipes that can be easily prepared at Home:


Ragi Wheat Dosa

Nobody can resist a crispy and light dosa...isn't it!! And this ragi/millet wheat dosa is super healthy and delicious. You can easily cook ragi wheat dosa on a non-stick pan at home. Batter can be made at home or purchased from market. It is an ideal healthy breakfast to enjoy with your family and friends.


Ragi halwa

Ragi halwa is a sweet dessert, which is made from finger millet flour or ragi flour, ghee, milk, sugar & cardamom powder. However the traditional ragi halwa is prepared by soaking whole ragi grain all night, extracting milk from it. After that the milk is mixed with sugar syrup and cooked till it turns like normal wheat halwa.


Ragi Idli

Finger Millet Idli or ragi idli is a very healthy breakfast option that tastes yummy as compared to other conventional idli. Ragi idli batter is easily available in the market. You may serve it with tomato or coconut chutney or even with hot sambhar.

Millet Pongal

Millet Pongal is a healthy variation from the ordinary pongal recipes you might know about. It is basically made with foxtail millet and some authentic ingredients. Serve it with hot sambar or coconut chutney and enjoy with family.

Millet Bhel Puri

This recipe is low on fat as well as light on stomach. Bhel puri recipe has the goodness of ragi, amaranth, peanuts and a mix of millets combined with onion, potatoes, tomatoes, lemon juice & chillies. Millet bhel puri is spruced up with moringa powde, chaat masala & green chutney and thus becomes a perfect snack to enjoy.

Millet Khichdi

It is a energetic meal comprising of various kinds of millets cooked together. This recipe uses kodo millet and foxtail millet in equal measure. Millets are very healthy therefore is generally used to replace some of the more common grains like rice and wheat. It contains good amount of nutrients like copper, phosphorous, manganese & magnesium and can be prepared  quickly at home with a handful of ingredients. Millets can be easily added to soups, salads, cookies etc.

Millet Porridge

Porridge is a great breakfast option to make at home. It is easy and light yet very nutritious for all. Packed with proteins, iron, minerals and fibre, this millet porridge is soaked and added to milk along with banana, figs, amaranth, lotus seeds and some cashews.

Lemon millet rice

This lemon millet rice is simple, healthy and nutritious. The Lemon millet recipe contains flavors from lemon, green chillies & curry leaves. The millet also adds to the nutrition & fiber to the diet making it perfect for breakfast and lunch.

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