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Five Exceptional Health Benefits of Consuming Bhang (Marijuana)

Nikita Arya
Nikita Arya

Whenever an Indian hears the word 'Bhang', he/she thinks of the mildly intoxicating substance. During one of the biggest festivals of Hindu religion 'Mahashivratri', Bhang is even offered as a religious offering to Lord Shiva while during the festival of Holi, it is being served as a milky and buttery drink. The intoxication caused by Bhang attracts many people but only a few people know about the other good things this traditional intoxicant can do.

'Bhang' or Cannabis or Marijuana is a substance that is widely known for its high medicinal value. For you, we bring five exceptional health benefits that balanced consumption of Bhang can give you. (Let me remind you that excess of everything is bad!)

Reduces Depression, Anxiety, and Stress

After drinking a cannabis tea or a big glass of bhang, your head might go round and round due to the mild intoxication, but this intoxication can make you forget the stress, depression or anxiety you might be facing in your life. The herb was discovered as a stress reliever at an early age and was used in Ayurvedic treatments of these mental issues.

Soothes Distress in Nerves

If you are facing issues related to nerves, then having a glass of bhang is not a bad option. The plant soothes the distressed nerves and reduces several pains instantly.

Helps in Reducing Weight

Obesity has become a matter of concern these days. Many a time, the reason behind the constant weight gain is indigestion and other stomach and intestine related issues. By consuming bhang in the right quantity, you can cure your digestive issues and lose a significant amount of weight in a small time.

Elderly health Issues can be Treated with Bhang

During the old age, problems like arthritis and multiple sclerosis can take away the spark from your life. Consuming bhang can really make a difference as it is considered to heal elderly health issues like arthritis.

Cures Skin issues

In case you get sunburns and chapped skin, you can apply bhang leaves on your skin by grinding it into a fine paste. They can also be applied to wounds. Bhang has a cooling and soothing effect on the skin and is considered a savior for those who face severe sunburn in the skin.

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