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Holi 2022: DIY These 5 Organic Colors At Home

Learn to make organic Holi colors by using ingredients that are easily available.

Kritika Madhukar
Organic Color Made By Using Beetroot
Organic Color Made By Using Beetroot

Holi marks the end of the winter season and the beginning of spring. It is a festival that is filled with lots of colors, positivity, and happiness. The gulaal, which is used in Holi is filled with chemicals nowadays. There was a time when it was made by using dried-up flowers. Although synthetic colors are cheaper in price, they are harmful to our overall health and environment. 

But don't you worry, I've got you covered with the following methods by which you can prepare different natural colors at your home! 


You can make this gorgeous color by using rice flour and dried-up petals of blue Hibiscus flower. You can even make wet blue color by combining the jacaranda flower with water. 


The elegant-looking red color can be easily made at home by using china rose or hibiscus. China rose or hibiscus can be grated into a fine powder, adding rice flour to this mixture will enhance its richness. Red Sandalwood can also be used as an alternative to these flowers.  


Magenta color can be obtained by soaking beetroot in water overnight. By diluting the mixture you can get a deeper shade of pink.  


You can make yellow color at home by mixing turmeric powder with gram flour. You can also obtain yellow color by crushing dried-up yellow flowers such as marigolds.  


To make a beautiful orange color, peel about four oranges and crush the peels off them with a little bit of water. Pour a generous amount of powdered Multani into a dish.

Add your crushed orange peel paste into the powdered Multani and knead it well. After that, transfer this mixture to a towel wrap and leave it to dry for at least 3 hours. After drying it up, grind it and your orange color is now ready. 

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