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How to detox your body this Navratri and stay hydrated?

Swati Sharma
Swati Sharma
Navratri Food
Navratri Food

Chaitra Navratri is approaching; it begins from 13.04.21 and will end at 22.04.21. Navratri is the time in Hindu religion when almost all Hindus indulge in religious activities to some extent and more. Navratri comes with joy, culture, rituals, and a lot of happiness. Many people fast for complete 9 days as a tribute to Maa Durga.

As Chaitra Navratri comes during the summer season, it's necessary to keep yourself healthy and hydrated.

Avoid Fried Snacks

Don’t consume fried items during summer Navratris as your cholesterol level will go up abruptly and will harm your body.

You can replace kuttu flour with Singhadi flour as singhara is cooler and taste well. You can make chapati, dosa, or uttapam instead of making parantha, poori or pakoras.

Add makhana (fox nut) to your regular diet in Navratri as it's a cool, light, and healthy snack. Roast them in ghee till they are crispy. They taste good without salt too.

Remain Hydrated

During fast, it's essential to keep your body hydrated. You should add Vitamin A, B, and C to your diet to stay hydrated.

  • Curd, lassi,andchhachare good options, as theykeep your body cool and are great for digestion.

  • Coconut water is a delicious source of hydration; it has numerous nutrients, lowers blood pressure, keeps the hearthealthy, and is great for diabetic people.

  • Fresh Juices, especially seasonal juices, are rich in fibre and vitamins during Navratri; please don’t use packaged juices.

  • Bottle Gourd reduces stress, benefits the heart, and has 96% of water in 100 gms of bottle gourd. It's rich in dietary fibre and vitamins. It has almost zero cholesterol and fat.

Add fiber-richfood

Add seasonal fruits and green vegetablesto your meal to keep yourself healthy and fit. Fibrous food will keep your tummy full for longer and also curb your hunger. It also keeps your blood sugar in control.

Apple, banana, watermelon, muskmelon, and mangoes are rich in fibre fruit and have a good amount of water content.You can have bottle gourd, pumpkin, and tomatoes in Navratri fast to stay fit and rejuvenated.

Maintain your Energy level

You might feel weakness in your body because of a lack of energy during Navratri. You should maintain your energy level by eating the right food. Include food that is rich in protein and carbs to keep the energy level.

Here are a few tips:

  • Use sama rice (barnyard millet) to make porridge or poha with little ghee. They are rich in protein and fiber.

  • Add sabudana in your recipe like sabudanatikki or sabudanapapad.

  • Include chaulai to your diet; you can make salad or vegetables or delicious laddus.

Take a break from sugar

Instead of sugar, you can use jaggery or honey in your meals and snacks, as sugar hikes the sugar level. Avoid refined sugar, as it is empty in nutrients.You can make your recipes sweet with jaggery or honey; both will taste well.

During Navratri, people keep fast, but, alas, end up eating more and eating fried foods, which are not good for health. You can have something light after a suitable interval instead of having everything at once. Relish heavy lunch by keeping your dinner light.

Don’t forget to have drink water as much as possible to keep your body hydrated.

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