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Pet Owners’ Alert! Never Keep These 5 Flowers at Home If You Have Pets

A pet is a great companion, but it also comes with a lot of responsibilities. Pet owners should never take this duty lightly and should exercise caution while providing an environment for their most valuable family members.

Kritika Madhukar

We sometimes neglect to pet-proof our houses unwittingly, which can be dangerous to our beloved friends’ health. Plants, for example, may appear to be innocent, but they might be harmful to your dogs and cats. Indoor plants, plants in your yard, or even a bouquet - any of these might be dangerous to your dogs.

Flowers to Keep Away from Pets

Here’s a list of flowers you must avoid having around your little furry friend.


Lilies are a lovely decoration, but they should be kept away from dogs. All types of lilies are harmful to pets, especially to birds and cats. Everything about the lilies is poisonous to animals, including the water in the vase.

The effects vary depending on the variety of lily consumed. Irritation in the mouth and digestive tract occurs in cats, dogs, and birds. If you notice your pet pawing at its face and its lips inflamed, you should investigate what it dined on. They may also feel queasy and vomit.


Amaryllis is a gorgeous flower with colorful lily-like blooms and beautiful foliage that can lend a wow element to any area throughout the winter. However, this lovely flower is highly dangerous to your pets. Not just only cats and dogs, it is poisonous to all animals. This plant's bulbs, leaves, and stems contain phenanthridine alkaloids, which trigger an allergic reaction in your dogs. 


Marigolds are popular in Indian households. They are, in fact, a component of every celebration. However, they are not suitable for your feline companions.

Your cat may suffer a painful stomach and an upset mouth if it chews on the leaves of a marigold plant. It may also drool and get diarrhea. Marigold sap can irritate your cat's skin as well. Dogs are safer with marigolds as compared to cats, although the sap may irritate their skin as well.


Hydrangeas are among the most popular garden plants. The vibrant hues are quite appealing and instantly invigorate any environment. Unfortunately, these lovely plants are not suitable for dogs.

While the plant is not very harmful to some pets, such as cats and dogs, smaller animals may be at greater risk. If the smaller animals eat the plant, they might become extremely ill. Hydrangeas contain cyanogenic glycoside, which causes vomiting, diarrhea, and respiratory difficulties in certain animals.

Morning Glory

Morning glory is an excellent addition to any garden. With its brilliant colors, the vine looks magnificent. They are, however, a no-no for cats, dogs, and birds. This plant contains a substance known as lysergic alkaloids. In certain situations, it can induce serious reactions in dogs such as vomiting, tremors, dilated pupils, and even liver failure. A horse is another animal that should be kept away from morning glories.

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