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Rice Water Benefits: 6 Reasons You Should Never Throw Away Rice Water

Swati Sharma
Swati Sharma
Rice water benefits
Rice water benefits

In India, people prefer to cook rice by boiling it with water. Consumption of boiled rice gives a light feeling to the stomach. We usually throw away rice water because we are unaware of the numerous benefits it offers. Yes friends, rice water contains lots of nutrients, which can be used in several ways. 

Even rice water has been used as a magical tonic from ancient days to improve energy level, provide flawless skin, and gives shiny hair. It gives excellent nourishment to the body.  

Uses and Benefits of Rice Water

Check out the uses and benefits of rice water;

Good for Digestion: Cooked rice water helps improve digestion, cures constipation, and can heal several disorders.  

Boost Energy: Rice water constitutes goodness of minerals and healthy carbohydrates. Drinking a glass of rice water can boost your energy level so that you can stay active throughout the day. 

Proved as healthy food for toddlers: You can feed your baby with some cooked rice and rice water along with it. It is easy to digest and gives instant energy. It also helps with constipation. 

Starch for clothes: Rice water has been used to give crisp, firm texture to cotton clothes from older days. Just dip the fabric/garment in rice water and let it dry in the sunlight.  

Treat acne and pimples: Rice water application on pimples and acne can reduce unpleasant marks naturally. You can apply it as a toner to reduce open pores. You can use a cotton ball to apply rice water on your affected part and get blemish-free skin. 

Hair Conditioner and mask: Rice water is the cheapest and magical treatment to fix all hair problems. Just do a gentle massage with rice water and keep it for 20 minutes. This will bring back your shiny hair in few days. You can make a magical tonic by adding hibiscus flower in rice water. Spray it on your hair and wash it off and witness the magic. 


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