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Rice Water Benefits: 6 Reasons You Should Never Throw Away Rice Water

Rice water is very beneficial for health, Here are ways in which you can use it.

Swati Sharma
Rice water benefits
Rice Water Boiling In The Bowl

In India, people prefer to cook rice by boiling it in water. Boiling rice provides the stomach a light feeling. We frequently discard rice water because we are ignorant of the multiple benefits it provides. Yes, rice water is high in nutrients and can be used in a variety of ways.

Rice water has also been utilized as a magical tonic from ancient times to increase vitality, produce perfect skin, and give shiny hair. It is extremely nourishing to the body.

Uses and Benefits of Rice Water

Check out the uses and benefits of rice water;

Good for Digestion: Cooked rice water helps digestion, heals constipation, and can treat a variety of ailments.

Boost Energy: Rice water is high in minerals and healthful carbs. A glass of rice water can help you stay active throughout the day by boosting your energy levels.


Proved as healthy food for toddlers: You can feed your infant cooked rice and rice water at the same time. It is easily digestible and provides quick energy. It also helps in constipation.

Starch for clothes: Rice water has been used to give crisp, firm texture to cotton clothes from older days. Just dip the fabric/garment in rice water and let it dry in the sunlight.  

Treat acne and pimples: Rice water application on pimples and acne can reduce unpleasant marks naturally. You can apply it as a toner to reduce open pores. You can use a cotton ball to apply rice water on your affected part and get blemish-free skin. 

Hair Conditioner and mask: Rice water is the cheapest and most effective cure for all hair issues. Simply give it a light massage with rice water and leave it on for 20 minutes. This will restore the shine to your hair in a matter of days. By combining hibiscus flowers with rice water, you may create a miraculous tonic. Spray it on your hair, then rinse it off to see the magic.

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