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Self-Quarantine Guide: How to Maintain Physical & Mental Health While Quarantined at Home

Pronami Chetia
Pronami Chetia

Amid the nationwide lockdown to stop the spread of the global pandemic Covid-19, it’s really important to keep in mind the physical health and mental health during self-quarantine. Although it’s difficult to maintain peace of mind and healthy diet when our body is stuck inside the house the whole day. You may experience instability of mind during this socially cut off days, but it’s really important to maintain ‘social distancing’ to break the chain to stop this deadly virus from entering into body and house. So, welcome to the new routine of quarantine life and let’s make it healthy, less painful and beautiful.  

Provide Nutrition to Your Body 

Keeping your nutrition on point can help you sleep better, feel better, and stay in a better mood. As our body is not used this routine, you may experience insomnia. So eat healthy food as much as possible. 

Accept that your quarantine diet won’t be perfect 

As we will have a limited stock of vegetables and essential food items amid this lockdown period, so you will not get anything and everything. So with the limited edition, try to make it best and lasting.  

Hopefully, you had time to stock up on your normal basics, but if not, that’s OK. Assess what you have available and do the best you can.  Your body needs nourishment, even if it comes from vegetables, roti or anything. 

Have a Plan to Tackle boredom and stress Relief 

You may have a sudden and unexpected influx of idle time, especially if you can’t work from home. This can lead to eating out of boredom. On the other hand, with tensions running high, you may be driven to stress-eat. You can explore your hobby into a day to day activity. 

Research shows that eating a sugary treat like chocolate once in a while helps lift your spirits, while habitual sugar consumption may actually increase your risk for depression. 

 It’s Time to explore your Hobbies 

If you are not a ‘work from home’ person, it’s the right time to go for your hobbies. You will get an adequate amount of time to explore your hobbies during quarantine time. 

Physical Exercise or Meditation is a Must 

Make sure that you are investing at least 10 minutes in physical exercise or meditation. You can either do yoga or meditation to relax your body, mind and soul. 

Prioritize food safety 

Food safety is a must during the quarantine days. Proper food safety practices can help keep you from getting food poisoning and from sharing germs and viruses with others who are quarantined with you. 

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