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Surprising Benefits of Moringa Flowers

M Kanika
M Kanika
Moringa Oleifera Flower
Moringa Oleifera Flower

During every blooming season, moringa flowers are cooked in our house. Moringa trees are grown in both agricultural lands and home gardens. There are many nutrient qualities that a moringa flower contains and the cooked moringa flowers is considered as a rich source of energy during sickness in villages. 

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The Scientific studies have proved that “Moringa Oleifera” plant contains a unique medicinal property. The Moringa flowers, seeds and leaves contain a host of bio-active compounds, which are helpful in curing various diseases like high cholesterol, liver problems, diabetes, obesity etc. 

The scientific nutrition facts of moringa flowers were not know to our ancestor. But they still named this tree as a miraculous tree from their very own experience. Now let’s talk about the benefits of moringa flower in detail.

Health Benefits of Moringa Flower 

Below are the Nutritional Benefits of Moringa Flower; 

Modern Medicinal Value 

  • The Moringa flowers contain many medicinal properties. These compounds can be great advantage to the modern medicine as these compounds are natural and less toxic.

  • Moringa flowers have very little or no side effects and it exhibit an improved safety profile compared to the synthetic therapeutic agents used in the modern medicine.

Increases Milk Production in Nursing Mothers

  • Moringa flowers are edible, Nutrition-wise, this flower is consumed after processing. Some people find their taste closer to that of mushrooms. They contain calcium & potassium. Many researchers have proved that moringa flowers helps in the increased milk production in nursing mothers.

  • A study published by Belitung Nursing Journal claimed that treating the postpartum mothers with regimen of moringa flower extract increases the activity of prolactin in producing milk along with improved sleep duration for the baby.

  • It is confirmed that nursing mothers with history of significant reduction in postpartum milk production can use moringa flower as a supplement to increase the milk production. 

Reduces Inflammation & Swelling 

  • The extracts from seeds, leaves, bark and kernel of moringa flowers are generally known and proven to contain the bioactive agents, which reduces the inflammatory reactions in humans.

  • The Moringa flower has been shown to suppress the inflammation by a process, which is different from other parts of plant.

  • The extract of moringa flower reacts with the principal components which is produced by the outer membrane of bacteria & inhibits their ability to breach body defense and causes inflammation. Many researchers are still on to discover the other useful properties of flower, which are not known yet.  

Protects Liver from Toxic Chemicals

  • The extract of moringa flower helps the liver to fight against the toxic chemicals ingested into body. It is perhaps the least investigated property of moringa plant parts.

  • Liver is the main organ that breaks down & disposes the harmful components from body. In cases of food poisoning, alcoholism and overdose of drug, the liver acts as a natural detoxifier.

  • The Journal of Pharmaceutical Biology published a study in 2013. This study examined the therapeutic potential of moringa flower against the liver damage caused by over dosage of acetaminophen in rats.

  • The researchers have concluded that the extract of moringa, especially from the flower have a significant ability to protect liver against acute chemically-induced injuries.

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