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Teeth Discoloration and Stains: Avoid These Foods and Drinks for a Happy and Beautiful Smile

Pronami Chetia
Pronami Chetia


We all have to agree that smile is the only corridor which allows you to enter into a person’s heart. A bright and warm smile can leave a long-lasting impression in just a few seconds. Happy and healthy teeth are the main reason behind a happy and beautiful smile which may result opposite if you are too lazy to mind your hygiene issue of teeth. Oral hygiene practices are very important to maintain a healthy smile.

So do not let people know what you eat in your last dinner or lunch, rather impress them by your pearly white smile that shines out loud.  Some foods like calcium-rich foods can improve your dental health. On the other hand, there are foods which can certainly affect our dental health and faded its pearly whitish shine to yellowish one.

How to Prevent Teeth Discoloration

Let’s know about foods which leave stains on your teeth and the main villain of your happy smile

Soda and carbonated drinks 

We all are addicted to Soda and carbonated drinks. But unfortunately, these drinks are loaded with lots of sugar. These drinks might brighten up your mood instantly but these are harmful to your teeth as well as overall health. These beverages can take revenge on your teeth color. Carbonated drinks are processed with colour and dyes which can lead to stains. There is chemical composition in the drink which can also harm your enamel.

Tea and coffee 

Tea and coffee maybe your best friend of all time and you might feel incomplete without them. But the report proves that both tea and coffee can leave stains on your teeth and result in yellow appearance. It’s may not possible for a tea or coffee lover to give up their favorite beverage. But you can limit your intake of coffee and tea. 


Sweets and Candies

You might notice that when you have candy, it leaves some color on your tongue. Similarly, it is quite obvious that it leaves stains on your teeth too. Moreover, Candies and sweets are bad for your overall oral health. It is always advised by the doctor to avoid sweets for better oral health. If you want to protect your teeth color, you need not give up candies and sweets completely. All you are advised to do is limit their consumption.

Sauces and vinegar 

Sauces and vinegar have been used to improve the taste of your food immediately but the sad part is that they can contribute to teeth stains. Tomato sauce has acidic properties which can lead to teeth staining. Balsamic vinegar which is used for salad dressing also contributes to teeth discoloration. To avoid staining you need to monitor your intake and if possible minimize their consumption gradually.


Pickles have been a relevant part of Indian meal since ages. It gives a tangy and spicy taste to your daily meal and can turn your boring meal to a yummy one. You might not be aware of the acidic nature of pickles which can harm your teeth enamel and hygiene. It can cause teeth staining and discoloration. All you need to do is limit your pickle consumption and keep your teeth healthy and shiny. 

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