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Bayer Offers Scholarship to Unprivileged Farmer’s Children for Higher Education

Bayer, a leading pharmaceutical and life sciences company has recently started a public campaign, the 'अ से अराइज़®' which aims to offer scholarships to poor and underprivileged farmer’s children for higher and secondary education across India.

Pronami Chetia

Bayer, a leading pharmaceutical and life sciences company has recently started a public campaign, the 'अ से अराइज़®' which aims to offer scholarships to poor and underprivileged farmer’s children for higher and secondary education across India. 

With an initiative towards the farmer’s welfare, the company has been organizing such campaigns for the last three years in India which mainly supported the poor Rice Smallholder farmers to provide better education to their children. 

The program also supports selected schools in key rice-producing states of India, with basic amenities such as educational charts and stationery. 

A dedicated team of Bayer is touring across the remote villages of India to create awareness among parents and students on ‘the need for quality education’ and address the major issue of ‘school drop-outs’ and their consequences.  

The campaign is conducted in the local schools within the chosen villages with the huge participation of the local village representatives and farmers. 

Even, the farmers have been hugely benefitting from Arize®, a leading hybrid rice seed from ‘Bayer’ which give higher yields and ultimately helped farmers to get higher income. 

It has benefitted the rural farmers by not only manufacturing quality products but also helped them to get a better future and life. 

Ajeet Chahal, head Product Management of Seeds, APAC said, “Bayer creates a better life not only for its stakeholders but also for their families and society at large”. 


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