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Deepika Warrier, Marketing Maven, Embarks on New Journey with Bajaj Auto

Deepika Warrier's appointment as the Head of Marketing at Bajaj Auto heralds a new chapter in her illustrious career, as she joins the team of the iconic "World's Favourite Indian" brand.

P. S. Saini
Deepika Warrier joins Bajaj Auto. (Photo Courtesy: IIM/Facebook)
Deepika Warrier joins Bajaj Auto. (Photo Courtesy: IIM/Facebook)

Deepika Warrier, a marketing maven known for her exceptional achievements, has embarked on an exciting new journey as she takes up the reins as the Head of Marketing at Bajaj Auto. After three impactful years at Diageo, where she spearheaded innovative marketing campaigns and fostered inclusion and sustainability, Warrier now sets her sights on transforming the future of mobility with Bajaj Auto.

Warrier's tenure at Diageo was marked by exceptional accomplishments, including leading the company's efforts during the COVID-19 pandemic. Amidst the crisis, Diageo manufactured sanitizers, supplied oxygen units to remote corners of the country, and ensured the availability of their celebrated liquor brands for Indians seeking reasons to celebrate at home. She raised the bar by supporting hospitality partners and inviting consumers to revel in the night with Johnnie Walker, fostering strong bonds with the #No1Yaars.

During her time at Diageo, Warrier witnessed the power of progressive marketing and its impact on inclusion, diversity, and sustainability. She successfully embedded sustainable practices into the company's brands and brought powerful global brands and categories to India, while also showcasing India's exquisite and sustainable craft expressions to the world.

Warrier expressed her gratitude to Diageo India and acknowledged the collaboration and learning experiences she had with the India Excom, DILT, the Global Marketing Leadership team, and the immensely talented Diageo India extended marketing team. Together, they embraced creativity under constraints, nurtured profound insights, and delivered purpose-driven brands, exceptional experientials, and groundbreaking innovations that reshaped the category and prepared it for the future.

Now, as she takes on an exciting new ride, Warrier is thrilled to join the team at Bajaj Auto, an iconic brand known for its trust mark and diverse portfolio of brands. She aims to continue transforming the future of mobility, further strengthening Bajaj's position in India and across the world. Warrier expressed her gratitude to Rajiv Bajaj, Rakesh Sharma, Ravi Kyran, and the entire Bajaj team for welcoming her into their ranks.

Krishi Jagran congratulates Deepika Warrier on her new role and recognizes her exceptional achievements and leadership in the marketing domain. Her appointment at Bajaj Auto signifies a new era of innovation and growth for the company, as she brings her extensive experience and strategic acumen to drive Bajaj's marketing initiatives forward. Krishi Jagran eagerly anticipates witnessing the transformative impact Warrier will have on Bajaj Auto's marketing strategies, further cementing the brand's position as a leader in the automotive sector.

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