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IG Citrus & Eurosemillas Collaborates to Develop Tango in India

IG Citrus and Eurosemillas collaborated on the groundbreaking green motion project. The tango, also known as the tango gold, is a more advanced version of the popular mandarin. Under all pollination conditions, it is seedless. Other citrus crops do not produce seeds.

Shivam Dwivedi
IG Citrus and Eurosemillas join hands to develop Tango in India
IG Citrus and Eurosemillas join hands to develop Tango in India

IG Citrus, a sub brand of IG International, one of India's leading fresh fruit importers, has announced a collaboration with a leader in plant and crop innovation to cultivate top-quality Tango mandarin varieties in India. The agricultural project would be carried out in grand style, with a large scale of 100 hectares.

The said association is the second instance where IG International has engaged and participated with Eurosemillas, as earlier this year, both companies struck a synergy when they collaborated on the visionary green motion project. The tango, also known as the tango gold, is a super variant of the fan-favorite mandarin. It is seedless under all pollination conditions. It does not set seeds in other citrus crops. It derives its ambrosial juicy flavor from its rich and fine flesh texture, packed aesthetically under its smooth rind.

IG Citrus is a subsidiary of IG International. As a sub-brand, the company has been strategically created to specialize in the prudent planning, assiduous cultivation, substantial networking, and seamless manufacturing of first-grade citrus fruits for all parts of India. The brand is purpose-built to grow luscious seedless mandarins. The company is located in Meghalaya, which has a beautiful natural setting that is perfect for growing the best citrus fruits.

Eurosemillas was incorporated in 1969 as a selected seed producer, later expanding its activity to cotton fiber production and seed oil extraction. Today, its main field of activity is the development of technological innovations, including the internationalization of the company and the development of its business in more than 30 countries. Eurosemillas is an exclusive Master Licensee by the University of California (U.S.) for protected plant varieties including strawberry, avocado, asparagus, pear, and other fruit crops, as well as for its promising Spring Mandarins.

Articulating his thoughts on the association with Eurosemillas, Tarun Arora, Director - IGIPL said, “We are extremely delighted to establish a collaboration with a leading seed innovation company like Eurosemillas. At IG Citrus, we specialize in the cultivation and distribution of citrus fruits, especially seedless mandarins, and this partnership could not have come at a more opportune time for us. We can’t wait to start the production of these nectar-rich tango fruits in India and create a new era for citrus fruits in the nation.”

“IG Citrus, being a part of IG International, gave us unquestionable confidence to establish an association with them as they are major players in the Indian fresh fruit market. The Tango Gold is a rare and very unique breed of mandarin which is enjoyed for its fleshy goodness and nectar-rich consistency. We are sure that by working with IG Citrus, we will be able to give fruit lovers in India mandarins of a quality they have never seen before.” said, Ana Cano, CEO at Eurosemillas.

Acclaimed as the leading fresh fruit importer in India, IG International is entrenched with a renowned reputation for more than 50 years in this market segment. The company’s organized and strategic sourcing system, augmented by a seamless supply chain with a well-connected overseas procurement network, enables them to import best-of-breed fruits from 22 different countries.

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