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Insecticides India Ltd deploys 600 + Crop Advisors Pan India to Help over 10 Lakh Farmers

In a move that will help farmers to choose the right crop protection products for their crops as per their requirements and suitability, leading agrochemical company Insecticides (India) Ltd. deployed more than 600 crop advisors across India.

Sugandh Bhatnagar
rajesh agrawal
Rajesh Aggarwal, Managing Director, Insecticides (India) Limited

In a move that will help farmers to choose the right crop protection products for their crops as per their requirements and suitability, leading agrochemical company Insecticides (India) Ltd. deployed more than 600 crop advisors across India. 

In the FY2021-22, the crop advisors will help more than 10 lakh farmers to understand every aspect related to crop protection ranging from seed treatment to pest, weed& disease management. The service to promote judicious use of agrochemical products is available to the farmers and will reduce their input cost and increasing output as well as protect soil health. 

This program is deviced on the need felt experience and result of joint field experimentation project of IIL and ICAR-IARI at Hapur in Uttar Pradesh, that helped farmers to optimise the yield by reducing the number of pesticide sprays under the “Integrated Pest Management ”. 

Rajesh Aggarwal, Managing Director, Insecticides (India) Limited says,   “Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is an integral part of the agricultural practices in the tropical areas as they are one of the most pest-affected areas in the world but grows the most of the world’s food grain. As a part of our extension activities, IIL’s mission is to help farmers to understand the judicious use of agrochemical and good farming practices to minimize the cost of inputs and maximize the outputs with good productivity which will help them to increase their farm income.” 

IIL has reached plans to reach out to more than 25 lakh farmers pan India. This year, the company aims to bring 10 lakh more farmers across India under its crop advisory coverage. 

Sanjay Singh, General Manager – Market Development, Insecticides (India) Limited says, “Advising farmers on right use of agrochemicals has been a focus area of IIL since the beginning. This year we have increased the same to a large extent, understanding its need and our responsibility towards the farmers. Before the pandemic, experts could travel to the farmers and give them advice when they needed. However, with the pandemic forcing lockdowns, we formulated the idea of crop advisors to reach to farmers through physical and digital meetings, using tele calling and WhatsApp to prevent them committing mistakes that can be detrimental to their and the crop’s health. Our crop advisors created awareness and guided farmers to generate a better output with a minimal waste. We are receiving an overwhelming response from the market as well.” 

About Insecticides India: 

Insecticides (India) Ltd. (IIL), is a BSE and NSE listed, India's leading and one of the fast growing Agrochemicals manufacturing company. IIL has emerged as a front-line performer in India's crop care market and is all set to grow impressively. 

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