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Ireland Gets First Fully Electric Tractor

According to its distributors, the Farmtrac FT25G's compact design, low noise levels, and zero emissions will appeal to a wide range of customers.

Chintu Das
Farmtrac FT25G Tractors
Farmtrac FT25G Tractors

The first totally electric tractor to land in Ireland has arrived. According to distributor Reesink Ireland, the Farmtrac FT25G offers all the benefits of a standard tractor while also being electric.

According to Thomas Cooney, general manager of Reesink Ireland, its small size, low noise levels, and zero emissions will appeal to a wide range of people.

"Our colleagues in Reesink UK, who were appointed importers in 2019," he explains, "have given us extremely excellent feedback."

"Because of its unique properties, it will be a highly appealing offer for stud farms, nurseries, municipal governments, sports grounds, and golf courses."

The electric tractor can be completely charged in five hours and run for six hours when plugged into a standard household outlet. It has a three-range constant mesh transmission and is powered by a changeable 72v lithium-ion battery.  It includes hydrostatic power steering and a hitch point lifting capability of 450kg.

According to Cooney, this tractor demonstrates that turning green has no impact on output.

"We're already seeing a lot of interest in this type from our current client base," he adds, "which isn't unexpected given the growing interest in electric vehicles in general."

The tractor is also aimed at landscapers who operate in metropolitan areas, he says.

"The FT25G eliminates noise pollution, making it suitable for landscapers working in densely populated areas like housing estates," he explains.

Reesink will first focus on the small and mid-size tractor lines from its retail store in Nurney, Co Kildare, after recently becoming the new Irish importer for Farmtrac products.

Farmtrac tractors are built with parts from Mitsubishi, Perkins, MITA, Carraro, and BKT, among others.

The range includes a smaller model with 21 horsepower and a full-size model with 113 horsepower, as well as six diesel-powered variants and an all-electric model.

Farmtrac is one of the top 10 tractor manufacturers in the world, having sold over one million tractors since 1961.

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