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Japan’s leading Industry Groups Mitsui, Nisso jointly invest in Bharat Insecticides Limited

Bharat Insecticides Limited (BIL, Main Office: New Delhi), leading Company of Agricultural Chemicals, is now associated with Mitsui and Company Limited and Nisso Soda Company Limited.

Sangeeta Soni

Bharat Insecticides Limited (BIL, Main Office: New Delhi), leading Company of Agricultural Chemicals, is now associated with Mitsui and Company Limited (Mitsui Main Office: Tokyo) and Nisso Soda Company Limited (Nisso Main Office: Tokyo). Mitsui and Nisso have achieved 56% of shared in BIL through a special purpose company, and rest of the shares are with promoters only. With this investment, now BIL has become one of the company in group of Mitsui and Company Limited.

With this new relation with Mitsui and Nisso, BIL has become more strong and innovative in protected crop production and technology and will be able to contribute more for the long term in the field of farming.

Along with sharing this information, Satyanarayan Gupta, Founder Promoter- BIL said, “This is really valuable occasion for us. Before 43 years, BIL was started with only 2 products, and from that date, BIL has travelled a long journey. We are expecting to reach even more heights with becoming the part of Mitsui group.” Other Promoters of BIL, Shri M.P. Gupta and Shri R.P. Gupta also showed their excitement, they believe that, with this new relation, BIL will move forward at higher pace.

On this Occasion, Dharmesh Gupta, Managing Director of BIL said, “Strong presence of BIL in country’s Agricultural chemicals market will play an effective role in the field of agriculture with the presence of Mitsui and Nisso.

With this alliance, BIL would be able to be the condition to take the advantage of development at global level. This alliance will help BIL to grow not only at National level but also at international level.

As a result of this relation, some new posts at higher level are introduced in BIL. General Manager of Mitsui, Kimihide Kondo has been given the post of Joint Management Director in BIL. Mr. Masanori Katsura has joined as a Chief Financial Officer.

Expressing confidence on rapid growth based on economy or consumption, Kondo said, “Although Mitsui is already active in growing rapidly growing Indian Agricultural Chemicals Industry. This investment in BIL will provide us the opportunity for manufacturing and distribution of agricultural security products. India and Japan shares a great cultural and trade relationship, and with this feeling, through our global footprint, we are committed to introduce new products and technologies for Indian Agriculture. BIL, with its ambitious business approach, committed workers and industrial public relations, will be proved helpful for us to achieve a focused base in India, as India’s influence on global agriculture industry is continuously growing.

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