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Krish-e: A Platform to Address Agriculture Challenges & Deliver Real Impact

Today, with the largest farmer community and the second-highest arable land in the world, making it one of the world’s largest food producers, Indian agriculture is on the cusp of a new era i.e., e-Agriculture.

Shivam Dwivedi
Krish- e

Today, with the largest farmer community and the second-highest arable land in the world, making it one of the world’s largest food producers, Indian agriculture is on the cusp of a new era i.e., e-Agriculture. To transform Indian agriculture through its expert agriculture consultant services, Krish-e aims to advance millions of farmers to get the best from their farms.

About Krish-e Platform:

Launched in 2020, Krish-e is a new business vertical from Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd. that provides technology-driven services, which are progressive, affordable & accessible to farmers.

It enables farmers to maximize the potential of their farms through the implementation of modern farming methods and the provision of optimal digital agriculture services. The Krish-e ecosystem encompasses everything from local ground support via dealers, rental entrepreneurs, and farmer ambassadors to tech start-ups and input companies all over the world.

Through its e- agriculture services, Krish-e has the power to transform every farm with science & technology, boosting productivity and farmer income. It is also famous as ‘Krish-e ka Digital Savera’.

About Krish-e App:

The Krish-e app provides scientific, field validated, and personalized crop advisory that is presented in an easy-to-follow understandable format for farmers, and offers:

  • Expert advisory on Sugarcane, Potato, Soyabean, Chilli and Paddy in 8 different Indian languages

  • Complete advisory through various activity modules like a ‘Crop calendar’, ‘Fertilizer calculator’, and Spray calculator.

  • A digital diary to record all types of transactions, called ‘Digital Khata’.

  • Features ‘Len-Den Diary’ for helping farmers keep track of their finances

  • An in-app ‘Helpline’ for farmers helps them connect to Krish-e Sahayaks and get their queries resolved.

  • Farm machinery that can be procured on rent by farmers through the Krish-e toll-free number that caters to any farm mechanization needs.

Services Provided by Krish-e App:

1. Farm Advisory Services

Krish-e Advisory Service assists farmers in increasing yield and income per acre while decreasing cultivation costs. Our advisory team's experts provide consulting services to farmers at every stage of the crop cycle, assisting them in identifying productive opportunities from crop planning to harvesting. They provide the best agriculture consulting services and assist farmers in utilizing farm equipment and new technology.

2. Rental Services:

Tractors Machinery and a variety of other farming equipments have modernized in the last few years, thanks to technology and digital advancement. Now, if your tractor is outdated, or you don’t own a range of equipment, you can easily get agriculture equipment rental from this app. By providing farm equipment for rent it will help you prepare your land, protect your crop and harvest more effectively and efficiently.

About Krish-e smart kit:

Krish-e presents the smartest way to track and manage the farm equipment on rent. Now you can save and earn more through the Krish-e Smart Kit. This smart kit will provide various services:

  • Stop the theft of fuel and unauthorized use of your tractor

  • It helps to track your vehicle (in real-time) from the comfort of your home via the app (Using 2G Network)

  • You can also check your tractor’s diesel usage in real-time

  • Keep track of all related expenses and income

3. Digital Agriculture Services:

Krish-e is a popular agriculture app that provides valuable agriculture information like land preparation, crop sowing, crop planning, fertilizer management, seed treatment, pest and disease management, diagnosis and treatment of crop issues, weed treatment, and irrigation. This farm app is the most preferred technology solution to boost your farm yields. Services offered by Krish-e’s personalized solutions:

  • Personalized Crop Calendar for all your farm needs

  • Our Scientific advisory; free from farmers

  • Premium advisory services for quicker resolution

  • Community learning with experts

  • Personalized Digital Diary that acts as a farm calculator to manage all your expenses at one place

4. Precision Farming:

Krish-e smart solutions can be used on farms of any size, and are available for purchase as full systems or on rental/subscription plans. This is real technology put to work for real agricultural challenges in order to deliver real impact.

Smart solutions like drone pesticide spraying among many deliver results that are infinitely superior to traditional methods, faster, and yield better crops with lower costs.

(a) Grape Pest Control to Lower Pesticide Usage

Grape farming in India faces challenges such as diseases/pests, excessive pesticide use, and a shortage of skilled agronomists during harvest season to identify infections in grapevines. Spotting and geo-locating diseases, thereby controlling infestation precisely

(b) Soil Mapping to Optimize Fertilizer Usage

Your farm's acres don’t have uniform soil quality or the same capacity to absorb fertilizers. Krishi-e uses science maps to show you the optimum level of fertilizing for different parts of your farm as part of our soil fertility management.

(c) Drone Pesticide Spraying For Precision Targeting

Precision agriculture's next generation supports the use of drone pesticide spraying to ensure effective application and maximum coverage. Drones are also used for fertilizer spraying to ensure proper soil fertility management.

(d) Sugarcane Optimum Harvesting

Is your sugarcane in peak condition and ready for harvest? Our technologies will alert you when the sugarcane is at its peak and ready for harvest, allowing you to get the most out of it. It will also assist you in planning your harvest arrangements ahead of time.

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