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MIT-World Peace University Pioneers Asia's 1st Subsea Research Lab to Revolutionize Energy Sector

MIT-World Peace University, a renowned institution in India with a distinguished history spanning over 40 years, has established the Centre for Subsea Engineering Research (CSER), the first Subsea Research Lab in Asia.

Shivam Dwivedi
MIT-World Peace University Pioneers Asia's 1st Subsea Research Lab to Revolutionize Energy Sector
MIT-World Peace University Pioneers Asia's 1st Subsea Research Lab to Revolutionize Energy Sector

The Department of Petroleum Engineering (PE) at MIT-WPU, a pioneering institution in the energy field and the second-oldest school offering Petroleum Engineering education in India, spearheaded the development of this state-of-the-art laboratory. In collaboration with Aker Solutions, this ground-breaking initiative presents a functional prototype of deep-water offshore petroleum operations, revolutionizing the training of future professionals in the energy sector.

The Subsea Research Lab offers a wide range of applications, serving as a hands-on academic platform for petroleum engineering undergraduate and postgraduate students. It facilitates joint professional training programs in subsea engineering and Industrial Safety and Health Engineering (ISHE) with industry experts, as well as subsea engineering awareness programs and tours for students at the college, school, and industry professional levels.

The facility provides practical training using real-time drilling and well control systems, enabling simulation experiments in drilling and well control. It is a comprehensive resource for individuals seeking to enhance their knowledge and skills in subsea engineering. Additionally, the lab aims to foster collaborations with industry and government entities, nationally and internationally, to initiate joint research projects, leading to knowledge generation and strengthening the energy security of the country.

Dr. Samarth Patwardhan, a Professor in Petroleum Engineering and the Director of Research and Development at MIT-WPU, leads the lab. He expressed that MIT World Peace University's School of Petroleum Engineering is committed to equipping its students with the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in the energy industry. 

The launch of the Subsea Research Lab is a significant stride toward accomplishing its goal of providing real-world, cutting-edge training and education. Dr. Patwardhan is confident that this state-of-the-art facility will benefit not only their students but also the industry as a whole. It will produce highly skilled and competent professionals ready to tackle the challenges of tomorrow.

Parag Paranajape, Manager of Systems Engineering at Aker Solutions, also shared his perspective. He stated that with the continuous growth of subsea oil and gas development globally, there is an urgent need for skilled professionals who can meet the demands of this dynamic industry. The partnership between Aker Solutions and MIT-WPU represents a significant step in addressing this skill gap and nurturing diverse skill sets across multiple disciplines to support the needs of the global oil and gas industry. By introducing subsea engineering as a subject and fostering the development of subsea knowledge and skills, they are confident in making a meaningful contribution to the growth and success of this industry.

Aker Solutions has supported MIT-WPU throughout the entire project, from conceptualization to completion, encompassing the laboratory's design, procurement, fabrication, installations, assembly, and equipment testing. Aker Solutions is actively involved in the commissioning of the project and its working modules. A combined team of MIT-WPU faculty members, students, and Aker Solutions engineers have collaborated to design experiments on good performance and remote operating vehicles for the laboratory.

The establishment of the Centre for Subsea Engineering Research by MIT-World Peace University, in partnership with Aker Solutions, marks a significant milestone in the advancement of subsea engineering education and research in Asia. This pioneering initiative will undoubtedly contribute to the development of skilled professionals and drive innovation in the energy sector, positioning India as a hub for subsea engineering expertise and knowledge.

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