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From Solar Air Conditioner To Magic Inverter, Meet The Man Who Believes in Making 100% Made-In-India Products

Ashutosh Verma, founder of Exalta India
Ashutosh Verma, founder of Exalta India

Krishi Jagran got an opportunity to talk and Interview Ashutosh Verma, founder of Exalta India. Being a research analyst, Verma experimented with different chemicals, worked on many projects and made India’s First Solar Air Conditioner that can work with less electricity. His creation not only benefitted the general people & farmers, but it had done wonders on many patients during the pandemic. Not only this, but all of his creation was 100% made-in-India as he never used any material from outside the India. 

Read on to know more about Exalta India and how the company succeeded in making 100% Made-In-India Product.

Q - Tell us about Exalta India & how did you came-up with the idea of starting a company like this? And, what all products or services do you offer?

A - The name of our first project was Solar Air Conditioner, since 2003, I always had a thought in mind to create a Solar Air Conditioner, which can work with less electricity. For this, we have done so many experiments with acids & chemicals after this we made many small air conditioners.

In 2015, we made India’s First Solar Air Conditioner, whose efficiency was 6.1. It works directly with panel. Not only in India, but we have also sold this air conditioner in different countries including Afghanistan. It was costly, because it had less volume. Also, our first project was successful.

As basically, I am a Research Analyst so I always experiment something. After when our first project went successful, we started working on agriculture, IoT & medical related projects. In this, Hydrogenated Oxygen Therapy Machine project was very successful, this project was initiated in SIIC IIT Kanpur. We got global recognition through this project.

This machine was completely made out of 100% Indian product. During pandemic many people got help through this project. We also got success in our current project, in which we have slightly moulded the Hydrogenated Oxygen Therapy Machine by connecting this with agriculture sector. We have combined hydrogen & nitrogen to create ammonia.  

Another project is related to stubble, in this we have created a sample of machine that doesn’t create pollution and the heat that generated through this, we have restored that.

In our third level project, we have created tablets from stubble. For this we made a ‘Traditional Chulha”, in which you can use this tablet, this tablet produces 48,000 kilo calories. It’s our brand-new project, and we will be going to introduce this soon.

Currently, we are also working on another project called ‘Magic Inverter’. It’s a portable inverter, in which you don’t need to attach battery. Farmers can easily hang this on wall or take it along with them in their farm land. It has Nippon batteries with 15 years of life and guarantee period of up to 5 years. 

Q - Define your role and responsibilities as the founder of Exalta India? 

A- Before getting global recognition to our projects, I was working as a One-Man Army, I was the only person who did R&D and took care of other logistics. Gradually when, my projects got successful, I started adding people in my company and now planning to take this to a new direction. Currently the only responsibility I have is to do R&D (Research & Development).

Q - How do you plan to take Exalta India, to the next level?

A - Through government funding and different shares that we have in our company, we want to take Exalta India to a new level. We also want Exalta to be the number one made in India Company.

Q - At present, who is your biggest competitor & why? 

A - We don’t have any kind of competitions in our projects. As all our projects are innovative & monopoly type. We made them according to the need of a market & it doesn’t come under any competition.

Q - Did Covid-19 affect your company’s sale?

A - As we worked on innovation since the beginning, Covid-19 didn’t affect our company’s sale. In fact, our sale was doubled during pandemic.

Q - What message would you like to give to our readers?

A - To the people, who are trying their best in their start-ups and still aren’t getting success, the only advice I have is to get guidance from the government institutions/centres. I would want to advice the entrepreneurs, who are planning to start their own business; they should first take guidance from them.

For this I would like to refer SIIC KANPUR, this organization is working hard & providing great mentorships to the entrepreneurs for their future start-ups. And at last, I would like to say that, instead of using Chinese products we should always go for a made-in-India Product.  

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