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Aadhar Card Address Change Process Changed; Details Inside

M Kanika
M Kanika
Aadhar Card: Address Change Process Changed
Aadhar Card: Address Change Process Changed

In India, Aadhar card issued by the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) works as an important proof of identity. Each & every individual should have their own Aadhar card, no matter whether they are from rural area or urban area.

According to the government, every single document should be linked to the Aadhar. This is why it is essential to have accurate information on your Aadhar card.

Earlier, the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) had provided an option to update the addresses in absence of proof. However according to sources, this service of UIDAI has now been deactivated or say temporarily stopped. The UIDAI has withdrawn its prior guidance; cardholders will have to follow a new set of actions in order to modify their address on their Aadhar card. 

According UIDAI, people must provide their proof of address. For this you can select any of the 32 documents listed by the organization to update address on the Aadhar card.

You must ensure that the Aadhar card is up to date so that it can be considered as the legitimate proof. Your Aadhar card’s address can be modified both online & offline.

Steps to update your Aadhar card’s Address 

  • Go to the Aadhar service self-update portal via: https://ssup.uidai.gov.in/ssup/ 

  • Select the option ‘Proceed to Update Aadhar’ from drop down menu

  • Enter your UID number,( 12 digit number) 

  • Type captcha code into the box

  • Select ‘Send OTP’ from the options.

  • Check for the OTP to arrive at the registered phone number.

  • Now enter the received OTP.

  • Select the option ‘Log-in’.

  • Fill in your Aadhar card information.

  • Choose one those 32 documents that have verified confirmation of address & the proof of identity from the list.

Also, there is good news related to the Aadhar Card. In the last update, the UIDAI said that in order to apply for the Baal Aadhar, you can now use either birth certificate or the discharge slip from the hospital along with Aadhar of one of the parents. In case of any urgency, if the parents cannot wait for the birth certificate they can also use the discharge certificate from hospital accompanied with Aadhar of any one of the parents & can apply for the Baal Aadhar card for the newly born baby.  

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