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Aadhar Card Update: How to Correct Mobile Number or Address

M Kanika
M Kanika
Aadhar Card
Aadhar Card

Aadhar card issuing entity has been informing the Aadhar card holders about the procedure to fill up the certificate for the Aadhar corrections. If you want to correct your address or mobile number at the local Aadhar Kendra Centre, then you would definitely need this form.

The Aadhar card is one of the most important pieces of document that any citizen can carry, because of how well integrated it is.  It connects us to several aspects of day-to-day life such as car insurance, banks, health insurance & so on. It is extremely necessary to keep this document up to date at all the time.

Points to keep in mind, while filling up the Certificate for Aadhar Update

  • The certificate consists of 2 parts one is the residential details & the certifier details.

  • You need to fill in details as instructed; otherwise, the form won’t be acceptable.

  • Get the printout of a certificate on plain white paper.

  • Use Capital Letters only, while filling out the form. Avoid stylized writing & use a standardized font only.

  • Use a blue or black ballpoint pen & avoid an ink pen or pencil to fill up the form.

  • Place the tick marks in boxes, wherever you have to select the options while leaving the other boxes empty/blank.

  • Don’t let other words touch the edge of boxes, ideally, you want to write in the middle of the boxes & leave a box blank between each consecutive word and if there is something that does not apply to you, then don’t write NA, just leave it empty.

Filling Resident Section

  • Specify the date “DD-MM-YYYY’ in this format & make sure that the certificate is submitted within three months from the date of issue.

  • In the “Resident Category” specify, if you are a Resident of India or if you belong to the non-Resident Indian Category.

  • Once you get “Enrolment Type”, you have to specify if the current request is either for obtaining an Aadhar card, which is called “New Enrolment” or for updating the existing Aadhar details which is called “Update Request”.

  • In the “Aadhar Number” section you need to only provide the Aadhar card number if you are updating it and if you are enrolling it then leave it empty.

  • Filling up the residential details is the biggest part of the section. Start by filling up your name in full or as it is mentioned in your Aadhar card.

Other things that you need to Mention

  • The Care of (C/o), if required in the address field (This field of the form can be left empty as well)

  • The House Number, Apartment Name, or Building Number as per the address.

  • Road, Street Name & Land of the address.

  • The Landmark near your address (This field of the form can be left empty as well)

  • Locality/Area/Sector of your address.

  • Village/Town/City of your address.

  • Nearest Post Office of your address (This field of the form can be left empty as well)

  • The district of your address.

  • The State you live in.

  • Your Pin Code Number.

  • Date of Birth.

  • Then Sign the specified box and if you cannot sign it then you can provide an impression of the finger or thumb.

  • The resident needs to attach the color photograph that is 3.5 cm X 4.5 cm. Ensure that the photo is posted in the space that is provided. It should not overlap the text box. The photo needs to be cross-signed & stamped by the certifier.

Fill up the Certifier Section

  • Give the name of a certifier along with their designation & office name in the given space.

  • Specify office address & department name along with contact details.

  • Mention the kind of certifier you have approached by indicating with the tick mark. You can choose from the number of different certifiers such as Village Panchayat Head or Mukhiya, Gazetted Officer, EPFO Officer, Tehsildar & so on.

  • Finish up the checklist for the certifier by ticking the boxes indicating, in fact, fill in all the relevant fields.

  • Get it signed & stamped by the certifier.

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