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African Swine Fever Detected in Kerala's Thrissur District: Culling Measures Initiated by the Local Government

African swine fever (ASF), a highly contagious and deadly disease affecting domestic and wild pigs, has been confirmed on a farm in Thrissur district, Kerala. The disease does not affect humans but can significantly impact pig populations and the farming economy.

KJ Staff
Representational Image - Swine Flu Cases in Kerala, Source: Freepik
Representational Image - Swine Flu Cases in Kerala, Source: Freepik

The District Collector of Thrissur ordered the culling and burial of pigs in the affected areas of Kattilapoovam and Madakkathara, post confirmation of African Swine Flu cases. Two Rapid Response Teams (RRTs) consisting of veterinarians and other officials have begun culling pigs to prevent the spread of the disease. Disinfection procedures will also be implemented in the affected areas.

Restrictions on Movement of Pigs and Pork Products:

The district administration has declared a one-kilometer radius around the infected farms as an infected zone and a ten-kilometer radius as a surveillance zone.

The movement of pigs within these zones has been restricted until further notice. The shops selling pork in the infected areas have been ordered to shut down.

Investigation and Surveillance:

An investigation is being held to determine if pigs from the affected farms were transported to other locations in the past two months. Strict checks are being conducted at entry points in the district to prevent the illegal movement of pigs and pork products.

Local authorities in nearby municipalities and panchayats have been directed to remain vigilant and report any suspected cases to the veterinary officials.

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