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After Amul and Gowardhan, Mother Dairy Raises Milk Prices By Rs. 2 per Liter From Sunday

Mother Dairy has raised prices of all sorts of Milk by Rs. 2 per liter.

Shivani Meena
Mother dairy has raised milk Prices
Mother dairy has raised milk Prices

According to PTI, Mother Dairy will raise milk prices in Delhi-NCR by Rs. 2 per liter from Sunday. Haryana, Western Uttar Pradesh, and Uttarakhand are among the states where Mother Dairy milk would be more expensive starting tomorrow.

Mother Dairy last raised milk prices in July 2021. The price rise comes shortly after Amul, another largest dairy producer in India, raised the price of milk by Rs 2 per liter across all varieties on March 1.

"In light of escalating procurement prices (amount given to farmers), fuel expenses, and packaging material costs, Mother Dairy is constrained to hike its liquid milk pricing by 2/litre in Delhi NCR from March 6, 2022," the company announced on Saturday.

All Details about New Milk Prices From Mother Dairy

From Sunday, full cream milk will cost Rs. 59 per liter, up from Rs 57.

Toned milk prices will increase to Rs 49 per liter, while double toned milk prices will jump to Rs. 43 per liter. Cow milk costs have risen to Rs. 51 per liter, up from Rs. 49.

The price of bulk vended milk (token milk) has been hiked to Rs. 46  per liter from Rs. 44.

According to the company, it has been facing a surge in various input costs, which have climbed by a factor of ten. Since July 2021, procurement prices (the amount paid to farmers) have firmed up by roughly 8-9 percent. Other prices have also risen, according to the report.

"The surge in farm costs is only being partly passed on to the consumer, with an effective revision of just 4%, which is smaller than the rise in farm prices and total food inflation, therefore ensuring the interests of both stakeholders," the company added.

"As a responsible organization, Mother Dairy has continuously worked to provide remunerative rates to milk farmers, therefore maintaining the sustainability of dairying and the supply of excellent milk," the statement added.

Aside from Amul and Mother Dairy, Parag Milk Foods Ltd has hiked the price of its Gowardhan brand of cow milk by 2 per liter with effect from March 1.

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