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AJVAR - a Traditional, Delicious Serbian Winter Dish

Chander Mohan
Chander Mohan

Serbian food simply tastes differently. The lowest usage of fertilizers and pesticides in Europe, fertile soil, perfect yearly balance of sun and rain, tradition in growing of plants care and expertise in making food products  adorable not only in Siberia but also in the world. Serbia is a land of agriculture and the cult of food has always been an integral part of the country`s culture. Serbian food production and food processing is supported by four universities, a6 specialized institutes and 26 secondary schools. The availability of good quality raw materials and conditions for producing high-quality, healthy food in Serbia. The Research mainly focuses on technologically-advanced production that leads to high-quality, environmental-friendly seeds and vegetables crop production.The Serbian law prohibits the production and import of any genetically modified (GMO) food and seeds. The country was the largest exporter of frozen raspberries in 2017 globally. Around 90-95 percent of raspberry production is intended for export, mainly frozen in bulk. Besides berries, another fruit production has an important role in agricultural system of the country. It exported more than 111 million Euros of apples annually. According to the Statistical Office of the Republic of Serbia, there was fruit production in 2017 for Apples 378,664, Plum 330,582, Grape 165,569, Raspberry 109,742, Sour Cherry 91,660, Peach 54,585, Pear 52,291 and strawberry 30,106 tonnes.The most popular vegetables produced in Serbia are Paprika (pepper), cabbage, tomato and potato. Pepper production is oriented towards pasteurized pepper in different forms: shredded, cooked and roasted. Due to dry matter in it, majority of red pepper is used for production of aromatic spices, but also for preparing a traditional Serbian winter dish - "Ajvar" spread. Ajvar is prepared using a special recipe, with red peppers and eggplant, and could nowadays easily be found on every continent. 

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