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All India Agri Start Ups Convention and Awards 2018

KJ Staff
KJ Staff

India is predominantly an agrarian economy with a 55% population driving its livelihood from agriculture. In the last two decades, powered by the Government policies and strong engagement of the industry and institutions, agriculture is rapidly evolving into agribusiness in terms of approach and structure. However, in the last one decade, the sector has been thronged by the stream of educated youth, fired by the ideas, passion and innovations to launch newer kinds of technology and business models to lift the face of agriculture from primitive to hi-tech one. These start-ups are providing missing links in the agri value chain and delivering efficient products, technologies and services to the farmers on one hand and the consumers on the other hand.

From ICT apps to farm automation and from weather forecasting to drones and from inputs retailing and equipment renting to online vegetable marketing, and from smart poultry and dairy ventures to smart agriculture and from protected cultivation to innovative food processing and packaging, it's proliferation of all innovations and technology driven startups set to revolutionize the food and agriculture sector. Government has also ably supported these startups with programs like Skilled India, Start Up India, Stand Up India, MUDRA to ACABC scheme and Udaan to help budding entrepreneurs start and scale new ventures. However, many of the existing agri- enterprises, despite savoring initial success, are facing difficulties to scale and expand. They are looking for ideas, inspirations and support to scale to newer heights. In this context, ICFA is convening 1st All India Agri Startups Conclave 2018 with the aim to bring all the startups in food and agri space on single platform for sharing of success stories and exploring business and marketing linkages, technology and financial tie-ups and partnership opportunities. The participation of Governments officials and institutions like NABARD, SIDBI, NSDC, SFAC, ICAR, CSIR, UNIDO, IFAD, banks and industry will help Startups and potential agri-entrepreneurs with desired policy changes, programs, business modelling and financial participation. The conclave envisages to provide a platform for experience and knowledge sharing, synergies, connects and partnerships, collective and creative thinking to create a pro-startups environment for ensuring success and sustainability of upcoming startups and attracting youth towards entrepreneurship in food and agri sectors.

The Agri Start-Ups Convention was organized by the Indian Council of Food and Agriculture and the Chairman Shri M J Khan addressed the Participants and the lectures were given by the Agriculture  Additional Secretary Dr Ashok Dalwai, Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare, DrHPurushotham, CMD NRDC and Dr P C Joshi of Dr R B Singh, Chancellor, Central Agriculture University, and Shri Yaduvendra Mathur, Additional Secretary, NITI Ayog and the vote of thanks by ED ICFA Shri Randhawa.

The Agri Startups participants were Mera Kisan Pvt Ltd., Anaka Agriserve  Pvt Ltd., Green Heart Prosperity Creators and the delegates from the Ages Pvt Ltd., Indian Sugar Institute of Sugarcane Research, Lucknow. Dr Vijay Sardana addressed the second session.

The programme is devised in 11 sessions and the winners of the restart ups shall get awards tomorrow.

With the Objectives  -  To serve as a national platform for sharing of the startups' success stories in the food and agri sector by entrepreneurs 2. To discuss the scope and opportunities in major sub-sectors and how to unleash the potential for Startups 3. To identify the issues and challenges faced by the agri-food Startups and preparing an action plan to support them 4. To discuss the policy support needed and the convergence of schemes and programs to best support the Startups 5. To bring all key stakeholders on one platform to discuss, share and network with one another for best synergies 6. To offer an opportunity for face to face meetings with policymakers to suggest any policy changes for Startups 7. To provide a platform to the Startups and potential entrepreneurs to connect with the Government schemes, technology bodies, industry, financial institutions, venture capitals, marketing agencies etc.

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