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An Initiative for Indian Farmers to Sell Products Online Totally free: MeraMobileMeraMarketing

Mera Mobile Mera Marketing is an Initiative for Indian Farmers to Sell Products Online Totally free. Recently Big Brands have also shown interest to join Mission MeraMobileMeraMarketing for procuring directly through Farmers

Dr. Lakshmi Unnithan

Mera Mobile Mera Marketing is an Initiative for Indian Farmers to Sell Products Online Totally free. Recently Big Brands have also shown interest to join Mission MeraMobileMeraMarketing for procuring directly through Farmers

Pragati Gokhale, an Advisor at Rajiv Gandhi Science & Technology Commission, Govt. of Maharashtra was very excited when speaking to us saying her humble initiative has finally started seeing results. She was sharing the fact that Brands like Big basket and Reliance Retail has also shown interest to procure for their requirements through www.marketmirchi.com which is integral part of Mission MeraMobileMeraMarketing. She expects that would establish very good online linkages for our farmers totally free. Mission MeraMobileMeraMarketing  is disruptive bottom up approach for enabling Digital  Agro/Rural Marketing from Rural Stakeholders through their own mobiles. KrishiJagran was the first Strategic Partner of this noble initiative for empowering Farmers.

Pragati Gokhale is the retired Dy. Director Mahatma Gandhi Institute For Rural Industrialization, National Institute under Ministry of MSME Govt. of India and is currently working as Advisor Rajiv Gandhi Science & Technology Commission, she is also National Resource Person for ministry of Rural Development Govt. of India and Brain Behind Mission MeraMobileMeraMarketing.

Pragati Gokhale becomes eloquent when she speaks about her innovative yet totally free online digital platform for farmers not only for farmers, but also for rural/agro entrepreneurs. She says she started this initiative four years ago with the help of MKCL to allow farmers to think beyond the usual concept of selling to consumers digitally. Rajiv Gandhi Science & Technology Commission Chairman Dr. Anil Kakodkar and MKCL Director Vivek Sawant has extended all help to her. During Days of Covid 19 Pandemic Farmers & Rural Entrepreneurs were  finding it hard to sell their products but   Mission MeraMobileMeraMarketing   through platform www.marketmirchi.com  was  of great help to them in finding online customers for their products and establishing direct linkages. Looking at the impact Department of Science & Technology Govt. Of India has included it in Post Covid Reforms Policy. She goes on to explain that for getting real benefits of Digital Revolution  at the bottom of pyramid it is essential to have such holistic integrated programs.

MISSION MeraMobileMeraMarketing has four components out of which www.marketmirchi.com is an Agile, indigenous, responsive Web portal  highlighting all rural / agro categories  for Free digital marketing of rural  Products/Agro Products, SHG products, Rural Services and Rural Jobs. This portal is totally mobile friendly like app but does not need downloading like APP. It is developed using Latest Progressive Web Technologies. Various field level programs are taken for skilling farmers for using marketmirchi.com effectively using their own mobiles with support from various Govt, Non Govt players working in Rural Development Sector. Videos on how to use marketmirchi.com for your zero budget digital Agro Marketing is also prepared by MKCL in Hindi and distributed to farmers through whatsapp.

NABARD has arranged various trainings for Farmers /Farmer Producer Organizations where also this Video on how to to use Marketmirchi.com is disseminated . This also is disseminated through KrishiVigyanKendras  & Community Radios all over India.

 To find Buyers  for agro / rural products various  online/ offline strategies which includes Data Mining and AI techniques , Leveraging Social Media channels,Networking through Agro Supply Chain events are taken up.Big Buyers and Small traders, exporters are linking directly with farmers through this platform.Analysis of Data generated is done by using Open Source Business Intelligence tools and these data Analytics values are  then back streamed in database of portal marketmirchi.com. The analysis Shows Growing demand for organic and residue Free Agro Products from Both B2B and B2C Customers.More than 15000 Farmers & other Rural Stake holders are taking advantage of marketmirchi.com for finding buy, sell leads for them Free and also for Job Leads.

Apart from increasing digital footprint of Rural India more than 60 % direct market leads are generated for Agro/Rural Sector by this free but effective humble effort.

Mr. Pragati Gokhale

Contact : 9822719618

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