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CBSE to Introduce Artificial Intelligence as Skill Subject in Class 8,9,10

Abha Toppo
Abha Toppo

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has decided to introduce artificial intelligence (AI) as an elective subject in school curriculum with an aim to make students well-versed in technologies shaping the future.

A member of the board’s governing body told media, “The decision to include artificial intelligence as a skill subject was made at a recent convention of the board’s governing body. There it was decided that the subject would be introduced in 8th, 9th and 10th classes as a skill subject”.

Artificial intelligence is basically the ability of a machine to think, learn and carry out tasks usually requiring human intelligence, like visual perception, speech recognition and decision-making skills. Capabilities that are exhibited by machines, which include computers - from playing chess to controlling cars and beyond it, fall in the domain of artificial intelligence.

The member from the board’s governing body said with latest technologies such as artificial intelligence, data analytics and big data having a big impact worldwide, it is essential that CBSE also modernises its program to stay well-informed on the latest developments.

The member further added that “Syllabus for the newly decided subject would be drafted for all the 3 classes and if necessary, the board will also assist in the capacity building of schools for the learning of the new subject from the upcoming academic session”.

As per sources, a senior CBSE official confirmed the news saying that artificial intelligence would be one of the elective subjects on the vocational side. He also said the idea of bringing in artificial Intelligence as a school subject evolved from a conference held at NITI Aayog, following which the board started exploring the concept.

The official said “CBSE held discussions with stakeholders, which included a school that was already teaching this subject. Accordingly, after comprehensive deliberations, the board also decided to introduce AI as an elective subject”.

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