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Celebrate Independence Day with Original Plantable Biodegradable Seed Flag by Seed Paper

Dr. Lakshmi Unnithan
Dr. Lakshmi Unnithan
Seed flag
Seed Flag

By 2050, the trends in waste production are forecasted to double; the natural environment will be burdened with 12 billion tonnes of plastic. As we try to implement Plastic Ban in India and plan to celebrate India’s Independence Day without hurting the environment, then do not pick up flags sold on the streets as they are made of plastic.

Instead, you could buy a Seed Flag - A flag   made of Seed Paper, a handmade/biodegradable type of paper that includes numerous different plant seeds. The seeds sprout when the paper is planted in soil, thus raising saplings.

Roshan Ray, a Bangalore Based Eco -Entrepreneur engineer, has been making these biodegradable flags. The idea for a flag made of seed paper first germinated when Roshan saw the number of plastic flags sold on the street. “Plastic flags ultimately end up in dustbins or on the roadside with ultimately are burnt or dumped in our Landfill. Thus, the Seed Paper Flags are not only biodegradable but it saves water as well. The Ink they use is Biodegradable and Organic Ink which does not harm the environment! The Best Part is that the Flags will turn into a Plant within 4-6 Weeks' time’’, says Roshan. 

How to Plant

  • Soak it in water for 2-3 days and then plant it in Soil.

  • Keep watering it daily.

  • The paper will biodegrade and it will germinate in 4-6 weeks time 

Though Seed Paper India runs an efficient online business, its back-end production processes take place in an industrial unit in Bommasandra, Bangalore. The process of creating seed paper products is a painstakingly arduous job where waste cloth cuttings are first chopped and cleaned before it is beaten to a pulp for 8 to 12 hours in the appropriate machines.

The pulp is infused with seeds and taken to a vat lifting frame that forms the pulp into sheets. The sheets are then naturally dried for 6-7 days before being cut into customised shapes and sizes. 

A varsity of manual labour goes into the complete production process. Even the cards that are screen printed use only organic or edible dyes. Their niche is customization, where any of their products can be tailor-made while being completely sustainable and this includes their packaging.

Whether it be their pencils, books, seed bombs, greeting cards, invitations, business cards, event bands; they can all be planted back into the soil to grow little plants or flowers.

It could be seeds of basil, marigoldtulsi, tomato or chilli seeds. Seed Paper India has also  conceptualized the idea of seed clay statues that can be watered to grow tiny tomato plants, biodegradable rakhis, degradable papers, greeting cards, invitations, pencils, books, holi colours etc. 

Interested buyers can call at - 916364-699837

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