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‘Cheyutha’ Scholarship Worth Rs. 18 Lakhs Given To 160 AP Students

160 AP students received scholarships totalling Rs. 18 lakh in the form of cheques.

Chintu Das

RP Sisodia, Special Chief Secretary to Governor, believes that everyone should do their share to assist children from low-income families and others who drop out of education. He highlighted his concerns about certain children who, despite their abilities, drop out of school owing to a lack of resources.

On Saturday, Sisodia was the chief guest at the TANA Foundation's 'Cheyutha' scholarship distribution programme, which was held for 160 students. The 160 students received scholarships totaling Rs. 18 lakh in the form of cheques.

"Many Indians who have completed their academic education and are financially well-off have forgotten about their birthplace. "However, Telugu learners appear to be an outlier," he remarked. Former DGP Poonam Malakondayya congratulated the TANA Foundation's organisers for putting on a "wonderful programme."

Few days ago, The Andhra Pradesh government released Rs 708 crore for fee reimbursement for 10.82 lakh students enrolled in the Jagananna Vidya Deevena scheme during the October-December 2021 quarter.

The government has planned to pay out fee reimbursements every three months. The complete fee refund will be instantly paid to the accounts of the students' mothers under the government's flagship Jagananna Vidya Deevena programme.

So far, the government has allocated Rs 9,274 crore under the Jagananna Vidya Deevena and Jaganna Vasathi Deevena schemes (lodging and boarding charges). This comprises the previous government's fee reimbursement arrears of Rs 1,778 crore, Rs 6,969 crore for Jagananna Vidya Deevena, and Rs 2,305 crore for Jaganna Vasathi Deevena.

Apart from reimbursing fees, the State government also covers the costs of accommodation and boarding for students enrolled in Jagananna Vasathi Deevena. The initiative will offer Rs 20,000 to all qualifying students pursuing a degree, engineering, or medical, as well as Rs 15,000 for polytechnic and Rs 10,000 for ITI students in two year instalments.

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