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Commodity Boards merger to 'benefit producers'

KJ Staff
KJ Staff

With the possible merger of Tea Board of India with other commodity boards, the production and export of various plantation crops like coffee, tea and spices is expected to boost. P K Bezboruah, chairman, Tea Board, hinted at the prospect of different functions that might be performed  by the Tea and various other boards. Going back in history, The Coffee Board, a statutory organization was formed under the Coffee Act, 1942. While the Tea Board was set up under the Tea Act, 1953.  

 The chairman during the annual general meeting of the Tea Association of India, at Kolkata, said "there is also talk about bringing promotion under one umbrella and other functions of the board under the Agricultural Ministry. Research function of the board may be dismantled or may be handed by other organizations such as CSIR or IARI" 

In addition, the Ministry of Commerce have been working in the right direction, like focusing on Human Resource and legal issues to achieve the desired objectives. The move is likely to benefit the farmers and the board's role will be of great significance if it's merged with the Agriculture Ministry. P K Bezboruah expressed his admiration for the Agriculture Ministry.  

"If it is merged with the agriculture ministry, maybe it will have a more important role. The Agriculture is doing good for crops such as sugar cane, paddy and wheat. Maybe it will ensure that tea growers get fertilizers at the farm rate and not at the industrial rate," he said. He also highlighted the importance of innovation in order to achieve sustainability. "There is a lack of a level-play-ing field between the organized sector and the small tea growers. If the industry wants to survive, it will have to innovate," he said.

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